Sunday, February 26, 2006

...and Roong!

Long-haired and lovely, Roong was actually the first celebrity of the evening that I drew, always a sucker for silkie, black locks!

Attending with her 3-year-old son, (who wouldn't give me his name, wouldn't sit for a sketch and wouldn't stop burning at about 137-Kelvin!) and her urbane husband, she was another light in Bangkok Film Festival's virtual
Sea of Lights!


A Few More... Danis ...

Danis Tanovic caught my attention in his animated conversation with a most lovely young lady, whom he wouldn't allow to be drawn, probably for fear other noble knights of the realm would vie for her charms!


The Cutest Thang

Normally a professional international relocation consultant, Christine Poilane, who usually graces the offices of TransLink Logistics, was last night wearing a lovely white-with-soft-color-spots evening gown that made her look gorgeous!

But I thimk she's married, so I minded my P's and Q's!


Spices of the Orient

It wasn't all non-Thais at the FilmFest
by a long shot.

Pictured immediately below is Wootichai, a wheel in the mover-shaker cirles of Thai film-making, although the jazz combo and the announcements kept him from articulating clearly just what he does!
Pictured here is Rajpal Narula, managing director of Benetone Films, of Bangkok and beyond. His work in TV, commercials and documentaries has garnered wide-spread acclaim.

A Face in the Evening: Patrick Southard

Patrick Southard seemed to know his way around the stars and star-makers, and graciously consented to autograph his sketch when it was done.

Able to see easily over the heads of the waves of people lapping at his beach, he cast a dignified (and TALL) presence over his sphere of influence.

Here it is, as I promised, Patrick.


Final Night of Glitterati at BKK Film Fest 2006


For having no dinner, as such, it was still an enjoyable and delightful evening. Stars glittered, hoi polloi fawned, scraped, bowed and rubbed elbows with the famous, the infamous and the wanna-be-famous.

I got several likenesses sketched, and in some cases actually got names and autographs... but in the press of the evening, and the fluid nature of "..'scuze me... Willem!" and instantly I had no more access to the desired face.

The film to cap the evening was "Rent", and I very highly recommend it IF you like musicals. Sort of "Moulin Rouge" in New York; but there wasn't much time to sketch Ed Harper before the film started, Ed the line producer of K2, Modesty Blaise, Darling, Scrooge (UK), and others.

The beautiful and beautifully-coiffed young lady shown above is ChonPahnSah Nareurah, of Channel 11 TV. Her English is good, her composure is better, and she was a delight to view, MC-ing the evening, even if you weren't sketching her!

To all those who were told their sketches will be here, well they're actually also HERE:

$400 Billion is Worth Fighting For!

Support the Velvet Prophet Protest! The UAE "American Ports Deal" is worth an estimated $400,000,000,000 yearly, right? Enemies of America and America's ideals take over 21 American ports, right?

And you're just going to sit still, and let them do it, right?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Wealth-Shaped BLIP on My Radar!

Taking a break from Friday's films, I'm negotiating something VERY GOOD for any entrepreneur or energetic self-made millionaire in-the-making, and even a lot of the level-headed job-holders who are looking for the door to a reliable backup income stream or two!

Have you ever heard of Agora publishing? Well, they're on my radar... and I'll tell you more, when I bring it through!

Have a GREAT weekend.

(For those who know what Intercalary Days are, those leftover days just before the last month of the year, "Have a great Intercalary Days celebration!")

Thursday, February 23, 2006

When Nature Demands We Shift Gears

I met John Ladalski at the Bangkok Film Festival today, and interviewed him about his plans. He's no longer able to star in the violent milieu of the action film, as his legs have grown older, at about the same speed as his body (strangely enough), so he's filming "Treasure Island" (a French production) and moving forward on having screenplays written for the most timely of the 8 or 9 ideas he's been incubating for a couple of decades now!

He's paid his physical dues and earned his creative credits, so now its time to shift gears, he says, into Directing and Producing! Nate Harrison sat with us, adding corroboration and insight to John's vision and drive!

Good luck, John!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

European 'Chinaman'

A touching and ironically-named movie, I highly recommend it. Sorry, my knuckles are dragging. I meant 'film'.

Tomorrow: "The White Masai", "Joni's Promise" or "An American in Paris"

And I'm looking to sit in on Willem Dafoe's little 'Meat DePress' on Saturday... Sketch his famous craggy face...

Don't go 'way...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Change of Pace

Watched "Sophie Scholl" this week, and was moved at the courage of German students struggling to do good, even during the death throes of the Nazi juggernaut. The film examines Sophie as part of the German-resistance movement, White Rose.

I was intrigued in no small measure due to my now nearly year-long study of the life and times of Manfred, a German youth of 13 who lived through the Fall of Berlin. And rediscovered his Diary full of notes, only last year! I'm writing a Treatment and Screenplay based on his experiences, transcribed by his own now nearly 80-year-old hand!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dinner with Dracula

Suave, composed without being self-centered, polite without being meek or squishy, Christopher Lee looked like everbody's favorite grandfather, his mellifluous baritone voice dignified, authoritative and easy to laugh.

A hit with the press, Mr Lee was humbly and intelligently answering questions from hoi polloi like the Bangkok press, International Foreign Film press, and me.

How does this relate to Spooning Out Brains? "Follow your passion!" (sketching interesting faces from life is one of mine) and "Strike while the iron's hot!" (Mr Lee may never cross my life-path again, AND the BKK FilmFest is only once a year, and picking his multi-faceted ultra-talented brain was a true PLEASURE!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Roger Corman, Spoon-Feeds Me!

Karridine Interviewing Roger Corman at the Bangkok Film Festival 2006:

K. Roger, weren’t you married to a Swamp Women?

Corman: No, it was an Apache Woman with Five Guns West, who was a real Gunslinger.

The day we were married felt like the Day the World Ended. Honestly, living with her was like sleeping with The Beast with a Million Eyes!

K. You mean she was worse than The Oklahoma Woman?

Corman: I mean she had real spirit, and It Conquered the World! Me? I’d rather live in a Naked Paradise and dance Carnival Rock, which is Not of This Earth. Sex with her was great, but afterward I always had an Attack of the Crab Monsters.

K: Roger, at your infamous Hollywood parties, did The Undead Rock All Night?

Corman: Well, only if you’re rocking with a Teenage Doll or Sorority Girl, otherwise its just a Saga of the Viking Women, who think I am a Mobster, and then the parties degenerated into a War of the Satellites, with Machine-Gun Kelly on one side of my pool and a Teenage Cave Man shagging She Gods of Shark Reef on the other.

Karridine: But Roger, when news of your successful directorial debut got out, didn’t the Guild demand A Bucket of Blood?

Corman: No, they sent some Nordic types over in a Ski Troop Attack, so The Wasp Woman, my main squeeze at the time, hid me in the House of Usher, you know, the guy who led you to your seat when The Little Shop of Horrors turned its house-lights down and you could neck in the last row with the Last Woman on Earth?

K: Didn’t you author an Atlas of Creatures from the Haunted Sea?

Corman: Actually, that was written by Peach Pit and the Pendulums, who got a Premature Burial by the Hollywood press.

K: Wasn’t that when Hollywood insiders saw you as The Intruder? They concocted Tales of Terror about you and “Tower of London”-sized ‘package’, because you were bedding The Young Racers with The Raven-Black hair which was a Terror to brush in The Haunted Palace ?

Corman: X-ackley! The Masque of the Red Death often covered their pimply, teen faces like The Secret Invasion of The Tomb of Ligeia by The Wild Angels, but they’d apply Clearasil©, and The St. Valentine's Day Massacre was nothing in comparison! Pimples never stood a chance, because it was A Time for Killing pimples and blackheads!

K: Roger, could you tell us of The Trip with The Wild Racers to your Target: Harry De Sade?

Corman: Well, I was wooing Bloody Mama, who had BAD Gas-s-s-s, and when she farted upwind of The Red Baron, Holy Deathsport, it was Frankenstein Unbound!

Karridine: Really?

Corman: Swear to God!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shiny, Glittering Spoons

Had a chance to interview Mahfouz Doss, Egyptian film critic taking in his first Bangkok Film Festival after years of watching hundreds of movies a year!

His favorite movie, after all these years, is not one of Special-FX or a great chase scene, but one that touches, moves and inspires:

'Mrs Miniver' with Greer Garson and Walter Pigeon.

He had no comments on The Dread Cartoons of Blasphemy!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Polishing Spoons

I'm out among hoi polloi today, sniffing for crumbs at the Bangkok Film Festival 2006, and drawing Kerricatures of the famed and unnamed.

You'll be able to see them ASAP, but walking around with a digitizing pad and a laptop is the next step for me. Right now, I skunge by using 'old technology' of pencils and paper. Expensive paper, but paper nonetheless!


See you later!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Background - Foreground

I love writing about Money, and how to get it and how to create value so money comes TO you...

...but right now, we're entering the third week of the "End of Sitzkreig" phase of the Cartoons of Blasphemy circulated by Ahmed Abdel Rahman Laban in his efforts to calumniate Denmark and -by extension- all non-Islamic countries (k'ffir OR dhimmi).

So if posting is light, its not that I love service any the less, but that a rational focus must needs include at least a headline-deep monitoring of today's events. These are exciting times we live in, and the upcoming 'Iranian Petro-Euro Two-Step' will provide some thrilling moments when danced to the drumbeat of 'We're Getting the Death-to-ALL-Israelis Bomb!' Charming little number, that.

So watch these spaces for more links to leveraged learning, soon... :D

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Copywriting at Core

A quick scan of human characteristics shows that as our opposable thumb gives our fingered hands the ability to grasp and, in turn, MAKE tools to modify our environment and our selves, in a similar manner LANGUAGE (in its spoken, written and signed forms) is the 'opposable thumb' for our brain, the software with which to have our brain-bucket carrying more than disconnected thoughts, inarticulate grunts and unspeakable urges, emotions and feelings.

By having language, by USING language, the human spirit shows up and makes itself manifest. Recalling how we learned in grade-school that hu.m'n comes into English from the Sanskrit roots meaning God-creature (and God knows that most men are creatures!), we can use language (or withhold its use) to manifest Godlike attributes or lower, creature-centric attributes.

Copywriting is no different than any other communication, essentially. All communication has as its purpose 'getting a response out of the hearer/reader'. It may seek the response of one informed, or one motivated, or persuaded, or touched, moved or inspired, but the language used by the writer is the channel/tool by which one human seeks to get-a-response from another.

That's a loving spoonful for today, and tomorrow we'll look at how Rationality and Logic fit into a money-earning framework!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When Is the RIGHT TIME for a Career Change?

Was asked this at dinner the other evening, and thought I'd set it out for you: Is there a 'right time' to make a career change?

To most of us it comes JUST AFTER the Pink Slip, and its a gotta-do more than a wanna-do...

But what's YOUR take on it?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Wiretap THIS!

With a tip of the hat to Patrick O'Hannigan, you may enjoy this MP3:

And in case you were wondering why Wiretap This is NOT Dick Rather,
see for yourself:

(And of course, you're free to Right Click to Save As...)

Released under Creative Commons. Share them with Fiends.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stay Tuned: "Not Dick Rather"

Thanks to Patrick O'Hannigan, I'll be able to post MP3 recordings and transcripts of some very revealing wiretaps!

As soon as the SuperBowl is over, and the Seahawks take their hard-won, well-deserved win!

Do It Yourself Brain-Surgery with Spoons!

You KNOW what I mean!

A simple, delicate adjustment to the world around you, create your own job, steer your own destiny, carpe your own diem... and what happens?

You get results that look like you just performed Brain-Surgery on yourself, and forgot to even sharpen your Spoons!

Well, you've come to the ONE PLACE in the blogosphere where you can find Razor-Rimmed Spoons, Double-Edged Spoons, Stainless-Steel Chrome-Reverse Feel-Sealed Long-Handle Spoons, Eagle-Beak Quasi-Sharp Copper-Lined Ultrasonic Spoons... and some you ain't NEVER heard of before! (Even the ever-popular Ginzoo Spunes!)

So clamp your lid tight, button down your flaps AND your collar, and join me for the ride!