Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Christmas for Hannah Faith

There's the link to Chris Muir's "Day by Day", and to the explanation about Hannah's brain-devouring disease and how YOU can help Hannah feel some joy these last few days of her life!

Click it NOW!

/PS. I sent her a 7-page, picture-filled, hand-made card last night!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Ragged, Rising Storm

We here have no special divinely-guided foresight or unique forewarning… we just scrape our brains every now and then when we need it.

And this presidential election cycle has been most needful of it! Replete, over-flowing, rampant, stuffed to the gills… all across America… left, right and center…brain-scraping gurf, and we only have Citizen-Issue Spoons!

But the two lawsuits coming to critical junctures on or before December 2 of this year, in time to CHANGE the outcome of the Electoral College, deal with much more than simply whether or not Hussein Obama has sold Ice Cream to 40 Million Americans, or set up a minimally-expensive ‘Gotcha!’ to burn a small group of his detractors, who wanted him to show citizenship in America, as required by the United States Constitution.

No, these lawsuits (Keyes’ in California and Justice David Souter’s for the US Supreme Court) are about something much deeper, more profoundly disturbing and central to the lives of rational Americans, namely: whether America will continue to be a nation based on law, respect for the law, equal rights and equal responsibilities before the law?

Or will America choose (is America CHOOSING, right now?) to drift into rule by trickery, subterfuge, spin, hype, bloviation and coordinated lies and half-truths propagated by a wide range of entrenched orthodoxies calling themselves News Media?

For with any law-oriented outcome in either of the lawsuits demanding Mr Obama show documentary proof not only that he was BORN HERE, in America, but that Mr Obama did not acquire Indonesian citizenship as a minor, and hence lose his American citizenship at that time- Mr Obama (and his visible and less-visible supporters and sponsors) would be rather greatly inconvenienced by any ruling that does not allow him, under American law, to serve as president.

Greatly inconvenienced is hardly the word… and the Ice-Cream Third-Graders, all over 21, who voted him in would feel greatly embarrassed, frustrated, angry and victimized. They would feel deprived of their Ice Cream.

Because of these foreseeable outcomes, it is easy to surmise that much pressure is being brought to bear on the court justices hearing these arguments and making decisions, ostensibly in accord with Constitutional law, by December 2nd, that their decisions might somehow gloss over Mr Obama’s Kenyan birth, or his underage mother’s lack of sufficient time in America to bestow upon him legal citizenship, or his stepfather’s loving efforts to get Obama-the-Youth into a Jakarta school and therefore Obama’s acquired Indonesian citizenship.

Maybe the courts will find that, sure enough, Mr Obama has failed to demonstrate his American citizenship, and one or the other of the courts will rule that Mr Obama is ineligible to serve as president… only to have that ruling NOT publicized in ANY American newsprint paper and NOT ONCE spoken of on Mainstream (legacy) Media or Cable TV or any medium except the Internet and the blogosphere…

Then what? It’s Friday, December 5th, and Mr Obama has been found ineligible to serve as president, but nobody can be found to serve papers on him to step aside, and nobody outside of a tiny portion of the blogosphere knows of the ruling… what can be done?

Are YOU going to hand out copies of the District Court ruling, stuff them into the hands of laughing delegates to the Electoral College as they convene to vote? Will YOU raise your voice to go against the speeding train of ‘America’s First Black President’? Will YOU risk everything in order to re-establish government of the people, by the people and for the people BY LAW?

Because if you DON’T, if you are willing to go along with non-Americans ‘ruling’ America… If you are willing to let US troops (NOT the National Guard) be stationed INSIDE America… if you’re willing to work 10 hours a day for 5.2 hours’ pay so that your earnings can be ‘redistributed’ to people unwilling to WORK for their OWN wealth…

If you are willing to accept these and other indignities, then you will get the tyranny you so richly deserve, and will learn to lickspittle from the boots of your masters, marching off to Sensitivity Training to learn how to criticize yourself before a tribunal of your betters, your peers, your comrades… and it still will not save you.

Mr Obama’s friend William Ayers agrees that Obama’s government may have to eliminate (kill) upward of 25 MILLION PEOPLE in America, to get rid of the obstructionists and anti-government racists and other intelligentsia and ne’er-do-wells and holdouts and rednecks and homos and Jews and Bible-thumpers and Pope-lovers and Polacks and Baha’is and all the other ignorant, racist jerks who just don’t want to cooperate with America’s new masters!

Leave a comment or better yet, take the time to LEARN of Justice Souter’s decision and the outcome of the Keyes lawsuit and take them to your local newspaper and a television station near you and courteously DEMAND that they take this news to the citizens of a law-abiding America!