Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday Morning: Thai Civil War

If this is civil war, it IS being televised AND being Tweeted and blogged…

A brief recap: the people of Thailand elected their (parliamentary) government, but then people controlling the military seized control while the elected prime minister was out-of-country on official business.

The people of Thailand elected ANOTHER government, which was declared unusable by the Thai courts. So the people of Thailand elected ANOTHER government, but THAT was crippled and disallowed by some OTHER machinations and manipulations, so the people of Thailand took their grievance to the streets.

In December of 2008 there were demonstrations by a tiny, splinter group of Yellow-Shirted people supported by a powerful clique of moneyed backers. The demonstrators occupied the Thai national airports and ruined the Thai economy for most Thais for most of 2009.

Now the Red Shirt Ruckus is in its 9th week of active demonstration, seeking truth in government, honesty and trustworthiness in government and a meritocracy based on ability, not networks… much like Americans hunger for truth in government, honesty and trustworthiness in government, that cannot be found in Demoblicans OR Republicrats or Independents today…

And TODAY (May 19th, 167BE/2010 Common Era) Thailand awoke to televised images of armed troops being deployed around the encampments of the Red Shirts, with armored personnel carriers in the street in support of the troops moving against unarmed civilians.

Yes, the civilians have some molotov cocktails, and a weapon or two, and rocks… they also have children and women inside, despite ‘government’ warnings… this cuts to the very crux of the Thai problem: the ‘government’ is NOT one representing the will of the people of Thailand, but is a minority elite, forcing its will on Thailand by use of the Thai military against Thai citizens.

0800… the troops haven’t been unleashed yet… I’ll report more as it happens, IF it happens… else see you in an hour… http://www.icallbs.net/blog/

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