Saturday, February 08, 2014

Still On a Slow Boil

Still On a Slow Boil

Thailand Seeks Purity of Motive

Well, here we are at another Friday night, and the army is not in the streets nor is the corrupt government out nor is the new corrupt government in...

Most streets a little light on traffic, but the traffic is still there, although a ride on the fast, clean underground feels like Tokyo in the morning... PACKED!

This little lady was on the bench in front of me today, on the boat-ride up the canals to work:
Working-Class Support for the Elitists
And I note that the working HUM of Bangkok may have slowed to an angry growl, but it is still working, getting work done, and donating practical food-aid to the farmers burned by the Grate Rice Ripoff!

This is one of the public, open-air police points for citizen assistance. There is also a motorcycle stand there with at least SOME of the moto-taxi drivers moving clients for free... and the police were amiable, but bored. Without saying so, they pretty much confirmed that they were under orders NOT to side with or against ANYBODY. 

So, I'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for coming by.


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