Sunday, February 02, 2014

Day 20 - Vote - Violence - Veracity

Day 20 - Vote - Violence - Veracity

Well, the Thai national VOTE has come, with more than minimal VIOLENCE and the semblance, at very least, of VERACITY in reporting.

We had some Yellow-Shirt thugs invade, disrupt and escape from the voting station nearest us (The Mall, Bangkapi), and more on that later.

There were reports of incidents of violence, gunfire and explosions from virtually all regions of Thailand, but these were INCIDENTS, not sustained firefights.

Were ordinary Thai citizens actually violent in their efforts to vote? This was documented today, as the Din Daeng area witnessed the Citizens Nullifying the Nullifier-Wannabees.

Were the YellowShirt faction AND the RedShirt factions both guilty of violence? Yes, gotta be truthful.

Will these elections solve or resolve the Thai situation? Well, answer this truthfully: Can there be POLITICAL SOLUTIONS to the SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS at work in this election? Trustworthiness, justice, truthfulness, honesty, frank and dispassionate consultation to resolve differences; the absolute need for independent investigation of reality by all humans...

We can pass laws to outlaw dishonesty, lying under oath, immorality, greed, avarice, cheating... but honest people don't NEED the laws and dishonest ignore or avoid them...

That Thai citizens WANT a trustworthy government is apparent, with both sides (okay, all Parties acknowledging and agreeing to this) but how can we find motivated, unbiased, intelligent people to help steer Thailand NOW, even as some Thais are looking for ways to use the judiciary to nullify the elections?

If Thailand is not being served with a non-governmental non-government treading water while not having the local/national 'authority' to solve or resolve problems, might this be a good time to ask the Universal House of Justice for help?

The Universal House of Justice is the only global institution capable of and empowered to deliver real HELP in situations like this, and in times like this such help offers VERACITY.


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