Monday, December 02, 2013

December 2, 171 BE / 2013 CE

The jasmine-scented avenues of Bangkok are awash with the stink of tear-gas; the airwaves are alive with talking heads reporting on The Mob clashing violently with The Police, and We the People gasp for breath, looking for honesty, trustworthiness, courage and rational good sense...

But we're surrounded by people spoiling for a fight, assured of their righteousness and the nobility of THEIR demands, even while they refuse to consult with the National House of Justice for arbitration or resolution!

Why? Would 'The State' be diminished by compassionate compromise? Would 'The People' be diminished by learning the truth about the parts and people involved or triggering these convulsions?

The king's birth-commemoration approaches, but where are those who would honor him with DEEDS, instead of WORDS? Where are the courageous, principled among us who prefer honest, authentic dialogue to shouted imprecations? When do we see an end to this bankrupt, spiritually moribund MESS?

-More as it happens-