Sunday, February 26, 2006

Final Night of Glitterati at BKK Film Fest 2006


For having no dinner, as such, it was still an enjoyable and delightful evening. Stars glittered, hoi polloi fawned, scraped, bowed and rubbed elbows with the famous, the infamous and the wanna-be-famous.

I got several likenesses sketched, and in some cases actually got names and autographs... but in the press of the evening, and the fluid nature of "..'scuze me... Willem!" and instantly I had no more access to the desired face.

The film to cap the evening was "Rent", and I very highly recommend it IF you like musicals. Sort of "Moulin Rouge" in New York; but there wasn't much time to sketch Ed Harper before the film started, Ed the line producer of K2, Modesty Blaise, Darling, Scrooge (UK), and others.

The beautiful and beautifully-coiffed young lady shown above is ChonPahnSah Nareurah, of Channel 11 TV. Her English is good, her composure is better, and she was a delight to view, MC-ing the evening, even if you weren't sketching her!

To all those who were told their sketches will be here, well they're actually also HERE:


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