Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Money From Home! (Legally, too!)

My friend is encouraging me to get into a club that calls itself "Maverick Money Makers", and I admit it LOOKS GOOD, but do any of you know anything about this Mack guy? 'self-made millionaire'?

In the meantime, we've been asked to pass a spoonful of THIS to you:

Some classic podcasts are being dusted off and placed at my friend's blog, "Hot Data" and the info is still good!

Check out Hot-Data, and pick up some of the other freebies reviewed there.

Here are two free marketing podcasts from Karridine, speaking about "Interest Free Loans" when he was working with the blog, Cash-n-Karridine. Here, you get Interest-Free Loans !

Interest-Free Loans, One

Interest-Free Loans, Two