Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Background - Foreground

I love writing about Money, and how to get it and how to create value so money comes TO you...

...but right now, we're entering the third week of the "End of Sitzkreig" phase of the Cartoons of Blasphemy circulated by Ahmed Abdel Rahman Laban in his efforts to calumniate Denmark and -by extension- all non-Islamic countries (k'ffir OR dhimmi).

So if posting is light, its not that I love service any the less, but that a rational focus must needs include at least a headline-deep monitoring of today's events. These are exciting times we live in, and the upcoming 'Iranian Petro-Euro Two-Step' will provide some thrilling moments when danced to the drumbeat of 'We're Getting the Death-to-ALL-Israelis Bomb!' Charming little number, that.

So watch these spaces for more links to leveraged learning, soon... :D


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