Thursday, February 09, 2006

Copywriting at Core

A quick scan of human characteristics shows that as our opposable thumb gives our fingered hands the ability to grasp and, in turn, MAKE tools to modify our environment and our selves, in a similar manner LANGUAGE (in its spoken, written and signed forms) is the 'opposable thumb' for our brain, the software with which to have our brain-bucket carrying more than disconnected thoughts, inarticulate grunts and unspeakable urges, emotions and feelings.

By having language, by USING language, the human spirit shows up and makes itself manifest. Recalling how we learned in grade-school that hu.m'n comes into English from the Sanskrit roots meaning God-creature (and God knows that most men are creatures!), we can use language (or withhold its use) to manifest Godlike attributes or lower, creature-centric attributes.

Copywriting is no different than any other communication, essentially. All communication has as its purpose 'getting a response out of the hearer/reader'. It may seek the response of one informed, or one motivated, or persuaded, or touched, moved or inspired, but the language used by the writer is the channel/tool by which one human seeks to get-a-response from another.

That's a loving spoonful for today, and tomorrow we'll look at how Rationality and Logic fit into a money-earning framework!


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