Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 17 - By Hook, Crook, Truth or Dare...

Day 17 - By Hook, Crook, Truth or Dare...

Well, Mr Yellow-Shirt threatened publicly to surround voting stations across Thailand, to block citizens access to a legal vote, and that prompted Red-Shirts to step into the light, machete in hand, and vow to protect the voting stations nationwide.

"It's already a war, just unarmed until now!"

The Yellows are perceived widely as elitists, functionally 'royalty', though
not part of the royal family... they're mainly rich elite, who are sure THEY can run the country better than
all these unwashed field-hands...

But the 'field-hands' are no longer ignorant, stupid clods, barefooted and enfeebled by royalty's selfish clutching of real POWER (reading, numbers, and rational THOUGHT). We're responding, around the world, to The Glory of God, Who proclaimed:

'From two ranks among mankind have I seized power...
kings and ecclesiastics!'
I have given power to the people!

Sound familiar? Huey Newton,Bobby Seale, MLKing, Dick Gregory, (ME, circa
1963-4... Hey, I wrote an article for the FIRST underground newspaper published by a JUNIOR-HIGH school, California, in 1961!)

I wasn't yet aware that The Blessed Beauty had walked the earth, but I had a 9th grade teacher who sparked a fire in me that rages still... truth, freedom, responsibility, trustworthiness...

So We, the People, are fighting in Ukraine (Wow!!) Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Thailand, Burma, Union of South Africa...

Fighting against the 3 Evil Giants (or Giant Evils) eating our human world: racism, materialism and communism! on our way to a universal peace, with justice and compassion and even MORE hard work, but without the extremes of wealth-poverty, the racism, the materialism and the communism-socialism!

I'm really tired today, forgive me for cutting this short.

The Master - 'Abdu'l Baha


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