Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 14-Bangkok Slowdown Down Down

Day 14-Bangkok Slowdown Down Down

No new suggestions from the Yellow-Shirt camp, the extreme cold is eating away at its citizenry-of-support, and the news media have even LESS 'headlines' worthy of interrupting their regularly-scheduled mediocrity to broadcast.

Traffic was fairly light on our Blockade-Runner's Avenue, but it is Sunday evening in the chill but jasmine-scented suburbs of The Big Mango, so I'll report on traffic Monday morning.

In OTHER news, a friend of the family celebrated her 19th Sun-cycle here last night, with loud music, suki and about 15 friends. Two of them were handsome young men, Brian and Reece, intelligent and alert gents, the took time to com in and visit Big D(addy), and discuss the travesty of Common Core in America and its parallel, 'Bureaucratic Slow-Death' in public schools here.

And no, I was NOT really jealous of their full heads of hair, because I uhm, the, I mean... where were we? Oh, yes, 'Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining streamin' screamin' flaxen waxen...'

And there we have it, from the Wannabee of Sublime Politics to the Ridickle-dockle ridiculous of 'Hair', in one swell foop!

See yez Monday!


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