Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 13-Bangkok Beatdown Shutdown Fades Out

Day 13-Bangkok Beatdown Shutdown Fades Out

Well, here's Saturday morning in Bangkok, and it is really difficult to see any PRESENCE, let alone effects of the Yellow-Shirt crowd...

Today's TV and radio headlines were noteworthy in that they nearly IGNORED the Yellow-Shirt crowd, focusing rather on the Ukraine's fight for We, the People, and the Ukrainian government's vicious, police-firebomb attacks on We, the People.

We, the People of the world, KNOW that Frederic Bastiat was right, even if we've never heard his name, we KNOW that the governments of the world are enslaving Us, the People, against our will and for the material benefit of a few hundred people!

Whether dictatorship, republic or parliament, today's 'government systems' are proving themselves *lamentably defective,* as Baha'u'llah stated so clearly over a hundred years ago.

This is not the time for kings, elites or dictators to 'rule', today is the day fo Justice, Judgment and Joy to the World!

Updates from Bangkok IF there are any today...


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