Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 15 - Bangkok Beatdown Undone Output

 Day 15 - Bangkok Beatdown Outlook Undone Output

For my readers who want detailed reports on this slow-motion convulsion, I here suggest The Bangkok Post   and if you have any questions, I'll do my best. 

A few more shots, a few less Yellow-Shirts (from cold and requirements of life ELSEWHERE, not the shots), a bomb blast and the government finally getting around to asking for more arrest warrants for the people breaking Thai law:

"The 16 are Suthep Thaugsuban, Sathit Wongnongtoey, Chumpol Julasai, Putthipong Punnakant, Issara Somchai, Witthaya Kaewparadai, Thaworn Senneam, Nathapol Teepsuwan, Akanat Promphan, Anchalee Paireerak, Nitithorn Lamlua, Uthai Yodmanee, Samdin Lertbut, Gen Preecha Iamsuphan, Ratchayut Sirayothinpakdi or Amornrat Amornrattananond and Kittichai Saisa-ard." (Courtesy of and Hat-Tip to Bangkok Post)
Remember that Thai pronunciation NEVER uses a theta-TH sound, but only uses the exceptional TH (Thoman, Thames, Thai) sound of T. So those are the Yellow-Shirt movers, shakers, enablers and policy-makers...

If they voiced a policy of rational evolution which gets debated, examined and decided BY THE Thai PEOPLE, this reporter would probably support it... however, the Crowd seems to be clinging to its demand that an unelected, unConstitutional 'Peoples' Council' be empowered, to send corrupt, kangaroo-court-guiltified enemies to the guillotine...

Well, maybe not THAT far, but something like it...

16:04 Bangkok (as I typed) an official notification that 'America is concerned about Thailand's political unrest, and doesn't want to interfere but urges all parties to use restraint and wisdom instead of violins.' 

Or something like that... the Big Picture? Egypt, Iceland, Ukraine, Thaiand, Syria, South Africa, America... the People are rising up to assume responsibility for our OWN lives, as Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God, requires. The world of near-absolute control of 98% of humankind by the 2% in 'the kingly caste' and their enablers, 'ecclesiastics' (both of whom closely guarded access to the POWER of reading, writing, understanding and KNOWLEDGE) is GONE. Finished. Ended with the beginning of the Digital Age, when Samuel F.B.Morse publicly tapped out 'What hath God wrought?' and simultaneously, halfway around the world, the 'one like unto the Son of Man' came down from Heaven and was recognized by the first Believer: May 23, 1844

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