Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 18-The Pains of Disunity

Day 18-The Pains of Disunity

Friday Jan 31, 2014CE/170BE  Dateline Bangkok

Quoting David Eimer of The Telegraph:
"Now, there are increasing signs that those attacks are just the prelude to a conflict that could be far more deadly than the battles between red shirts and the military in Bangkok in 2010 that killed 90 people.
With the opposition Democrat Party boycotting the Feb 2 poll - in the knowledge that it will almost certainly lose it by a large margin - and the constitution court ruling the election can be legally postponed, Thailand is bitterly split along political and class lines that threaten to overwhelm its fragile democracy." D.Eimer for The Telegraph
The Thai PEOPLE don't want what you're selling, they reject you and your Party at the polls, so you resort to violence to FORCE THEM to accept the wonders of your way of doing things! If a few thousand lives are lost, or tens of thousands injured, well it's for the 'greater good' and the ends justify the means... and might makes right, doesn't it?   

You might wonder why Yingluck-RedShirts don't strive earnestly to find middle ground, PRINCIPLES they can agree on, so both sides can agree to peacefully resolve any differences as to METHODS of REALIZING those principles...

And in wondering that, you would put yourself into position to see one of the underlying links binding Thailand with Ukraine with Egypt with Iceland... a monied group, or 'class', is being faced with classless social structure as the Oneness of Humankind becomes ever more apparent in daily life around the world. We, the People of the world want Justice for ALL, because we see that 'Law and Order' is NOT Justice, nor is 'justice for the rich' or 'justice for the poor' actual Justice!

In Thailand's 'fragile democracy', much of the fragility is due to YEARS of inability (outright refusal) of 'the ruling classes' to agree upon a BASIC LAW, one Constitution for ALL citizens, so the government can be limited, held accountable and made accessible for ALL citizens, not just the YellowShirts who want to be treated as lords, ladies, upper-crust, elite beings quite different from the muddy, dusty shoeless animals who produce 17 MILLION TONS of food rice every year...

The Thai king went out of Bangkok and SERVED the Thai commoners, day after day, for DECADES, leading by the dynamic force of example, and his selfless actions still rankle with the monied 'elite' who see themselves (Red and Yellow) as somehow 'above' the commoners! Why should THEY have to mingle with the 'common' people?

So in regard to the 'Why not unite?' question, the answer is clear: Money wants its privileges, equal rights for equal humans is desired by Thai (and Ukrainian and Egyptian and Icelandic) populace but bitterly rejected by would-be 'kings and priestly caste', the two groups of humankind accustomed to having power and RULING! (It was from the kingly caste and ecclesiastics around the world that Baha'u'llah seized power in the mid-1800's, and declared 'I have given power to the people!') The elitist-wannabees do not want to accept their humanity, and are ready to sacrifice men, women and children on the altar of their elitist hungers, while We, the People are willing to shed our blood for principles of Equality, Fraternity and Justice!

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