Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 12-Bangkok Bullyfest

Day 12-Bangkok Bullyfest

Well, it's official: Coldest Winter since 1984... news reporting more than 60 cold-related deaths this month, and more cold to come.

Which makes it even MORE difficult to continue bleating and browbeating the rest of Thai citizenry when all but your wealthy, tented (or house-owning) supporters have returned to the comfort of their homes.

TV has run about one-half the number of updates we had on Day 8, Monday, when things appeared to be headed toward a crisis, but Thursday and Friday on all channels have been 'normal' (mind-rotting soap operas) and very few headlines from the Yellow-Shirts.

Added to that are the 30-second 'Vote for US!' mini-commercials of all sorts of candidates, not just Red-Shirt, Yellow-Shirts or Democrats... older, younger, men, women... all with their elevator-pitch on why this vote is important and why you should Vote for ME in a few days...

All of which undermines Sutep's position, saps strength and urgency from his efforts, and reinforces the feeling of 'lets get back to normal' or 'we're actually GETTING back to normal!'

I just checked our 4-lane feeder road which empties into 6-lane boulevard Lahd Prao, and our feeder was CHOKED, bumper-to-bumper going OUT of town, for whatever that's worth... it IS Friday afternoon, after all, and Thais love a good weekend, if a holiday is not available for the moment...

So I'll report Saturday, or sooner if any URGENT happenings happen, but that's all for Friday! 


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