Friday, January 31, 2014

Fever Cough Running Nose

Up In the Middle of the Night

and finally

These set the stage for Bill Whittle, who asks us "What will WE say, to the soldiers who sacrificed comfort, limb or life for us to have FREEDOM?"

As an American whose namesake signed the American Declaration of Independence, my heart is uneasy as I contemplate where we are now, and what we can do, now?

'Good luck at your upcoming trial... I'm not looking forward to mine!'

Had a great-great grand-something or other, fighting for the Union, fighting to end slavery, fighting for HIS progeny, HIS 'downline'... have I honored his sacrifices? Have I grown complacent sucking at the tit and feeding at the trough of Big Government-Tiny Handouts?

Is there a LARGER 'Plan', a bigger blueprint than 'Republicrats vs Demoblicans' ? It was an email today, from a dear and intelligent friend, voicing consternation over my written acknowledgement of the Democrat Party's racist reality, that sparked this post. He is right, it IS disturbing to examine that racism rationally, and I may have been ill-advised to put it out on the ether, when what humankind needs now is UNITY, not UNIFORMITY, but Unity, Justice and Courtesy...

And yet, as a doctor, when I see a certain illness in another human, I'm not 'projecting' it there, nor am I wishing it to be there or arguing for continued suffering of that patient, with that problem. (Be clear, the Republican Party has plenty of problems and some racists, which is another factor in my search for an alternative to America's corrupted, bigoted 'government', just as Thais are searching for purity, decency, clean-mindedness and moderation in their elected government.

We have reached the end, a few years back, of even the possibility of justice in America, the end of the effectiveness of 'law and ordure'; the end of rational freedom to make our OWN DECISIONS about our lives, in part because we've surrendered our courage, our responsibility and our principles.

For money? for fame? That is the very definition of 'prostitution'... material payoff to abandon righteous action!

So listen to those Civil War songs, think of the race-amity America was developing before this current administration and the HUNDREDS of 'Executive Odors' the White House has issued, as if 'Executive Orders' are part of our Constitution!

Then think what YOU can do to carry forward an ever ADVANCING civilization, NOT an ever-encroaching dictatorship.

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