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Maelstrom of the Memes: 4th of July Weekend!

Here you have them, Faithful Friends, this week's Kountdown of the Memes, for July 2nd, the 4th of July weekend, celebrating America's courageous commitment in 1776, to ideals stating that "all men are created equal" and have "God-given rights" including "the pursuit of happiness"...

So listen as I blast out this week's:

Maelstrom of the Memes!


Maelstrom of the Memes: Countdown for the Top Ten: July 2, 2006CE

10. We lead off this week with a newly-breaking and closely watched story, “The UN in Bed with Saddam!” Five days of embarrassed silence have followed revelations by news sources detailing Kofi Annan’s foul and cynical manipulation of the “Oil for Food” program which enabled Saddam Insein to abuse the Iraqi people viciously while the UN sucked off its reward.

9. The Tour de Fwance, the cycling world’s once-highly-regarded contest of the best of the best, has this year been marred by the Fwench again, even before it begins, as the Fwench ‘authorities’ found riders Ullrich and Basso guilty of blood-doping, without tests, without proof, simply by sniffing their underwear, I guess…

Without American cycling ace Lance Armstrong, whose SEVEN Tour-de-Fwance victories will humiliate the Fwench for years to come, this was Ullrich’s last chance to win at this widely publicized, but now seriously besmirched, contest.

8. In with a bullet, Israel is taking a deep breath in preparation of the recent declaration of war by the Hamas government of the Jordyptian Third-Generation Exiles in the toxic squat outside the Holy Land. Expect some SERIOUS house-cleaning and defensive efforts, SOON, now that the Jordyptians have attacked Israel.

7. Osama bin Hidin squeezed out another tape, this one talking about Zarqawiwi and how he had been caught “lion”. Osama went on to state that "Even if we lost one of our greatest knights and and princes, we are happy that we have found a symbol for our great Islamic nations, …" bin Laden said. Knowing what a deranged, vicious, psychopathic murdering killer Zarqawi was, I have to agree with Osama.

6. Thugs: “Thugs, We Are Thugs, and We’ll Kill You Like Thugs” (except some of the Jordyptian thug-wannabees), who were humiliated again this week when they let themselves be photographed burying IEDs in the presence of THEIR OWN CHILDREN, oblivious to the danger of ‘work-accidents’! These losers and chumps are tripping over their own moral midget-hood! Which leads to our Top 5 Stories, starting with #5,

5. “Islamophobia”, noised near and far as an accusatory, blaming word hurled at rational people everywhere by Islamist-apologists, Muslim-thug-supporters and CAIR flunkies around the world is being trumpeted by leftists who are trying VERY HARD to force “Islamophobia” onto the world like something bad. That’s the meme, kind of like “There’s a truck racing toward you”-phobia, or “Get your head hacked off by Allah’u’ Ackbar”-phobia. For the dummies you deal with, its NOT an irrational fear when its based on something truly dangerous, like trucks bearing down on you, or psychopathetic thugs who want to slice your throat and shout “WallaoWackbar!” as you die!

4. Holding at #4 position this week, the war crimes committed by Jordyptian thugs on the beach of Gaza, where a cache of Jordyptian weapons and explosives accidently detonated, killing families of Jordyptians, have been duplicated THIS week, with the Pallywood Perverts filming as much of the debacle as possible, and getting the videos to news media while claiming, Israel did this! But it looks like God is NOT coming to rescue the 3rd-Generation Jordyptian exiles, this time, as they ‘taste … what their hands have wrought!’ Elect Hamas, will you?

3. Leading to this week’s #3 story, the festering New York Times treasonous, anti-American ‘leaks’ investigation. The foul stench emanating from this stercoraceous act besmirches ALL who guide the policies of the Times, and covers them in the gore of innocents!

2. Nearly at the top this week, one of those memes which is a real question: has Cpl Belile been silenced? His funny, accurate, honest dark-humor portrayal of war in Iraq has made ‘Hajji Girl’ a WINNER in the Free World… Belile, stay the course! You did NO wrong, and the American spirit was NOT sullied by your song. Only silencing you could stain the US Marines’ fine record of courage and valor in your efforts!

… And now,

1. Debuting at #1, Superman, the movie, opens for the 4th of July weekend, with a severely castrated Superman, crippled by leftist-loathing of America! This Superman movie, seeking to earn money FROM Americans, is unwilling to let Superman be FOR Americans, and instead has Superman fighting for “…truth, justice and all that stuff…” How do spineless writers get to do big movies like this? For 40 years, in DC comix, Superman fought for “…truth, justice and the American way!”

But for the Hypocrites of Hollywood, the money and fame of the American way are acceptable, but the courage, self-sacrifice, principled dignity, responsible freedom and high ideals are unacceptable!

But, it’s a forgettable movie anyway, so save your money and see ANYTHING but Superman this weekend, and spend your time and money on something American!

Enjoy this celebration of American strength, creativity and courage and I’ll see you July 9th, for the Kountdown of the Memes, at (signoff)


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