Friday, June 30, 2006

Fox Finds Lost Spine & Osama Sings!

Headlines just in:

Osama bin & Fox News


This just in… flying pigs were sighted in the vicinity of Fox Cable News, which reported that, quote, “Hamas thugs reportedly offer conditional release of kidnapped soldier.”

Fox News, like the rest of the cable news networks, prides itself on speaking and writing in hazy, obfuscating and politically-correct euphemisms most of the time, normally reporting something like this in terms of “Hamas negotiaters reportedly offer conditional release of captured soldier,” so this is a headline surprise when Fox speaks with an honesty, clarity and courage as direct as this!

Tip of the Karriding Kepi to MSMediaCritic!


Hold the connection… THIS just in… Osama bin Hiden releases his most recent “Love Sonnet to the American Leftist & Democrats”, carefully using taqiyyah to explain the truth behind such frank and humiliating al-Qaeda losses as the 2 elections in Iraq, Fallujah 2, the continued move from strength to strength in Iraq and Afghanistan and al-Qaeda’s loss of psychopathic THUGS like Uday, Qusay, Saddam, Zarqawiwi and Suleiman…

Yes, you can read Osama’s Democratic Talking-Points for yourself, or safely ignore them, rest assured knowing you’ve heard them already from the “Cut-and-Run Crowd” and from the KosKidz and other rational thinkers…

More breaking news soon, so stay tuned to Karridine, Brain Surgery with Spoons dot blogspot dot com, as we segue into July, 2006

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