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Maelstrom of the Memes: June 25

A short countdown of this week's Most-Mentioned Memes:

Maelstrom-June 25!

Zarqawiwi Report

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Maelstrom of the Memes:

Countdown for the Top Ten: June 18-25, 2006CE

10. We lead off this week with last week’s #7 story, Hajji Girl, a song written and sung by LCpl Beliel and recorded in his off-duty time, included some lyrics about how the Marine is lured to an ambush by Hajji Girl, who is then SHOT by her father and brother, who also SHOOT the Hajji Girl’s sister, before acquiring a case of acute, severe lead-poisoning. This example of inoffensive free speech, although revealing the motives and methods of Islamist thugs, has been twisted by CAIR (and MSM) to make it seem like something BAD! Its not over yet, and you can Support Beliel! while enjoying Number9

9. Rising concern from several sources for several reasons revolving around the rapidly-failing New Yawk Times’ ever more vicious and treasonous revelation of Classified Information; with rational commentators focusing on the damage this ‘rogue agent’ does America, the extra deaths it sets the stage for, the contempt it shows for American law and the arrogant disregard for responsible freedom, leading to this week’s #8,

8. Fifth-Column subversives and others striving to destroy America from the inside,
(with ‘support for the troops’ conditioned on anti-American action!) and how these were dealt yet another decisive blow in Miami this week. Splodey-dopes, Zero, American law-enforcement, 7! Good work, Guys!

7. CAIR (Council American-islamic Relations) has begun whining about people who accurately report its vile, anti-American, pro-thug/pro-Islamofascist efforts in the blogosphere! CAiR has begun whining to the FBI! Delicious irony, eh?

6. Thugs: “Thugs, We Are Thugs, and We’ll Kill You Like Thugs” (except some of the Jordyptian thug-wannabees), who were humiliated earlier this week when they kidnapped a Jewish student, for torture and ransome, then quickly let him go free when they learned he is also AMERICAN, and they didn’t want to ‘Cop a Zarkman!’

Which leads to our Top 5 Stories, starting with #5,

5. The Planning Document (found in print form in the rubble of Zarqawiwi’s “Safe House” and in electronic form on the thumb-drive in the dead ZMan's pocket) which relates in telling detail the 10 Top Ways Thugs Are LOSING in Iraq! A heart-warming document for all freedom-loving people, this is no longer being pitched by any apologists as, ‘Iranian Propaganda’, because of its STRONG CONGRUENCE to reality! The MANY recent wins in Iraq are encouraging overall, even as they make it more difficult for Socialists, thug-enablers and the morally-inept to attack America!

4. Holding at #4 position this week, the war crimes committed by Jordyptian thugs on the beach of Gaza, where a cache of Jordyptian weapons and explosives accidently detonated, killing families of Jordyptians, whereupon the Pallywood Perverts filmed as much of the debacle as possible, and got the videos to news media while claiming, Israel did this! Even Kofi Annan ate crow three days later, when security videotapes from the Gaza territories AND Israel proved without a doubt that Israel was not involved in this latest version of ‘Win if we kill Jews, and Win if we kill our own loved ones so that we can blame the Jews!

3. Leading to this week’s #3 story, the continued effort to change a dedicated anti-American’s death at the hands of Jordyptians, (by, for example, KozKowards and others) into a martyrdom caused by Americans and Jews and Caterpillars: the Rachel/Corrie pantomime, signed-English for the blind!

2. Nearly at the top, one of those memes which is both ephemeral and enduring, the
-quote- “Grim Milestone” of the 2,500th American death (NOT just combat-related death, but accidents and heart-attacks and other causes) in Iraq, in the 3 years America has been fighting for Iraqi freedom, and this figure reminds us again of HOW WELL America is fighting and how IMPOTENT its enemies are, when we compare this to the number of American dead at D-Day Normandy, June 6, 1944:
2,700 3,000 dead and thousands more wounded, in our effort to start eradicating the Socialist pre-cursor racist-forefathers to Islamic supremecists of today, when we took on and BEAT the SNOT OUT OF the National Socialist Nazi thugs then, as we’re doing to their spiritually-dead, mentally-retarded, history-deficient Nazi-wannabee downlines today! … And now,

1. Holding on at #1, because of massive follow-on raids, arrests, one-sided firefights with Baathist losers and holdouts made possible by the INTEL gleaned from the thumb-drive in Zarkman’s pocket, as well as the bleating, whining and denial of thousands of Jordyptian losers upon hearing of Zarkman’s humiliating demise, Death of Zarkman starts its long slide into Miserable Footnote of History Obscurity, but for today, June 25, 2006, it topped this week’s Maelstrom of the Memes! Join us next Sunday, for Karridine’s Kountdown of the World’s Most Mentioned Memes!


Anonymous Gus French said...

Michael Ledeen gives a hard look at the planning document here
is his inimitable fashion; mixing humour with a deadly accurate yet simple explaination of the calculating forces of espionage and intrigue at work

his stuff is very straightforward, considering the levels of deception he describes

Sunday, June 25, 2006 10:33:00 AM  
Anonymous enkidu said...

Purely in the interest of honesty and fairness, you should mention that in the song the Marine is using the girl as a human shield when her brother and father shoot her.

This is not meant as a slam against the song, I can differentiate between black humour and real life, and 'Hadji Girl' has a permanent place on my MP3 player. I think it is well written, has a catchy tune, and is funny as all get out. If you are going to criticize the pig-f*&^%rs at CAIR for misrepresenting the lyrics though, you should take more care not to do the same.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 11:31:00 AM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Enkidu- I agree with you. I'll be careful of this in the future.

Glad you liked my satire... by the way, if you slide downscreen a ways, you'll find 'Brown-Eyed Hajji Girl', which I chose to record rather than 'Hajji-hajji bo-bajji banana-fanna-fo-faji...'

I really haven't quite found the right balance, Enkidu. Satire - Parody - Humor, fine, but mixed with straight reports and functional analysis...?

Thanks again. Drop by more often!

Monday, June 26, 2006 9:53:00 AM  

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