Monday, June 26, 2006

Father-Son Talk: #1 in a Series

"You asked me about re-deployment from Iraq, and I considered my thoughts. Here is my response."

On Iraq! "Read da ploy!"
Pictured: over ONE MILLION Jordanians demonstrating for freedom, late 2005! THIS is directly attributable to America's efforts in Iraq.

"From your perspective, what's the desired goal in Iraq?"

Briefly, because we're living in a non-polar world, (socially,
politically, actually) I recognize that 'redeployment' could only work
if there were some place to 'redeploy' to, but with the
attitudinal/spiritual/meme-disease infecting people today
in every nation, in every locale, then America cannot

Luxembourg can BE Luxembourg, but America hasn't
the choice of being Luxembourg... either America leads,
protects, nurtures, champions and supports (self-determination,
free speech, freedom of thought, rational self-reliance,
principled responsibility, the equality of men & women,
rights of minorities, oneness of humanity) in the place
of America's choosing


the 'American moment' is over.

Either America stands, FOR our ideals of justice, liberty
human rights being God-given rights, or our retreat (no matter
how we wrap it in redeployment words) will be seen by the
enemies of these ideals as the defeat it is and will plunge the world
into a life and death struggle at the local levels, as today's
thug-fascist-uberMenschen bullies acknowledge America's
lack of commitment to those 'nice words' (Satan's blather)
and assert their right to RULE in Shari'a 'Peace', over all others!

Iraq? Iraq is NOT about the future of Iraq, its about
the future of America, and through America, the free world.

If America backs down now, abandons the Iraqis to their
fascist/theocrat overlords in Iran/Saudi, then Iraq is lost
AND America is gone. WHO, friend or foe, would trust America

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if YOUR SON has a
right to live, and if YOU have a duty to protect him until
he is capable of protecting his own right to live, then
all those who have publicly, repeatedly proclaimed
THEIR RIGHT to Subjugate, Dominate, Enslave or KILL YOU,
are enemies to your son, and to you.

My son, IF this reasoning seem over-simplified, its because
I CAN see grey, and extenuating circumstances, and
individual exceptions, but I choose to focus on these,
the underlying dynamics and so I answer your question thusly:

For Iraq, freedom, justice and self-determination, with America's
help, as long as it is necessary.

For America, a continuing role as the world's only super-power
(that 'America is not Luxembourg' thing, again) judiciously
using its resources to champion and carry forward the principles
proclaimed by Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God!

To the extent that America DOES this, America is blessed.
To the extent that America turns away from this, America is hurt.


A physical metaphor/corollary is a purulent, septic boil, which
can be lanced to drain the dead and dying pus... but if America
does not finish the job cleanly, professionally and courageously
it could let that septic, toxic sickness run freely through the
life-arteries of our world, to poison and attack ALL living tissue.


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