Monday, June 26, 2006

Meditative Monday:

In response to a slowly-growing number of requests, I'm starting this last week in June with some MP3's of a melodic type, and an Iraq theme:

I Wanna Go Home

Mesopotamian Watershed

Cry, Iraqi Freedom

Leftists' Dream

The usual disclaimer applies here: Karridine is solely responsible for these recordings, recording Voice-Overdubbing in CakeWalk, using tincan-and-string microphones connected through the USB port. Karridine wrote lyrics for Cry, Iraqi Freedom and Wanna Go Home.

Photo courtesy Michael Yon; child was hit by shrapnel from an exploding car-bomb, and the American was rushing her to a helicopter, but slowed to comfort her as she died in his arms.

I Wanna Go Home To You

I Wanna Go Home (wanna go home)
Having done a good job
Lifting up down-trodden
Though the work is rotten,
There's a light in their eyes!

I Wanna Go Home (wanna go home)
Tell the whole nation that I did what's right!
Shared my best,
Little pay, little rest
Shining out Liberty's light...

America has enemies, without and within
Who want us all to feel shame
For having the courage
To do what's right
They want to kill us in God's name!

I won't go home (I won't go home!)
Til I've done a good job
Look my son in the eye
Hold my daughter
Til they know my heart is true

Wanna see my wife (wanna see my wife!)
Hold her in my arms,
Bury my face in
her soft shoulders
Hold her while I cry

For I've seen our enemy
Hide without sorrow or shame
Behind women and children
Then kill them, in God's name...

I've seen my brothers-in-arms,
Holding back their ire,
Until civilians
Are out of the line of fire!

I'm coming home (I'm coming home!)
To my City of Light
Standing tall on the mountain
History recounting
I've done my duty right,

I'm Going Home...


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