Sunday, June 25, 2006

American Future... World Future!

An interesting and insightful piece by Mark Steyn on 'read da ploy', when there IS no 'forward area' or 'rear area' in a non-polar world. America can DO, or NOT, but there is NO PLACE to 'redeploy to' in this day:

American Future, In Iraq!


“For the rest of the world, what's at issue in the Iraq war is not the future of Iraq but the future of America. Can the world's leading nation still lead or is Kerry's Vietnam Syndrome "seared" (as he'd say) into its bones? Luxembourg can be Luxembourg. America doesn't have that option. In a nonpolar world, there's nowhere to redeploy to.”

Starting with that quote from Mark Steyn, my favorite leftist, I set the stage for an examination of why this conflict is important, vital and central to every human in this day.

Mr Steyn was writing in reference to the appeasers and fifth-columnists in America who ‘don’t want America to lose or retreat or quit or be defeated or killed’, they just want the troops to be ‘redeployed’ to the rear, outside the Iraqi ‘theater of war’.

In a nonpolar world, however, there’s nowhere to redeploy TO! This conflict does not have national bounds, knows no racial primacy and observes no rules of engagement, despite how wonderfully the Americans DO observe such rules.

If America were to leave Iraq as the Kerry-ons and Murtha-troyds so passionately desire, the American moment would be ended. Who, friend OR foe, would ever believe America again? Vietnam followed by Blackhawk Down followed by Iraq Humiliation?

America would seal the fate of all Americans AND the rest of the freedom-loving world AND the rest of the ‘just leave us out of it’ nations AND the Islamic world… to a time of failing communications systems, reduced or non-existent transport systems (maybe buses would still run, from New York to LA, Paris to Moscow, but planes wouldn’t!), mass famine and widespread, rampant disease as systems CREATED BY kffir non-believers lurched to a halt in the widespread, more-or-less low-intensity conflict which would erupt everywhere as people sought to SURVIVE after the collapse of America, faith in America, TRUST in America!

Iraq is about the future of America!

And America was chosen by the Lord of Hosts as a shining example of what benefits American citizens and world citizens!


Anonymous swamprrat said...

I can't locate your link on lgf. If it is because of me, please reconsider. Your voice is too vital to throw away. This post in particular is touching and brilliant. Please read my comment 445 on the "murta" thread. Also note that, what earthtomoonbat said was about jay777. Those were etm's comments concerning jay777. You were not even mentioned.(I think. I don't have the post in front of me.) You have my email. Your voice is important. I mean every word.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 12:00:00 AM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Swampy, its not you!

(Relax, your breath mints are refreshing!)

It used to be in the sidebar, but I've been quiescent for a while. Time to renew my passion, SwampRat! :D

Thursday, February 01, 2007 10:55:00 PM  

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