Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown Day 10- Random Thoughts on Dwindling Prospects

Bangkok Shutdown Day 10- 

Random Thoughts on Dwindling Prospects

Really cold for Bangkok this morning, and Yellow-Shirt protesters who must sleep under the stars are finding it a pretty rough go, what with the gusting winds from the north this morning! 

This may be why the numbers of 'protesters' are down for the third day in a row... not precipitously, but down nonetheless.

Keep the core conflicts in mind: 'Yellow-Shirts use FORCE to try to oust a legally-elected government, but glibly assert that no vocal minority after them will use FORCE, because they'll be so honest and clean...' (paraphrasing)

The Thai TV stations are still running the 'mindless dramas' derided by so many in the protest crowd, and be clear, they ARE really mindless 'soaps', but the underscore a couple aspects noted here previously: 1) TVs are earning millions of Baht daily, from legitimate advertisers; and 2) life is going on 'as normal' for the great majority of Thais because 3) like several taxi drivers said to me, "Yellow? Red? They're ALL corrupt!"

Oh, to have an administrative system of collective decision-making and policy-setting where there are NO 'parties' (everyone's important, everybody's well-being is considered); there are NO nominations; all adults have the right and the obligation to vote for the persons best-suited to government (and hence the responsibility to LEARN who is best-suited in their community); no way for government to aggrandize themselves, rather they strive to humble themselves and listen intelligently to the thoughts, concerns and aims of those they serve...

Oh, wait! Such an *administrative system* is practical, functioning and producing tangible good around the world already... for the Baha'i World Community, through the Universal House of Justice... 

And that's the wider context for these Thai, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Icelandic, Greek, Chinese troubles... humanity is coming of age, and neither kings (or uncrowned dictators) nor clergy are suited to govern in this Day. 



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