Monday, September 25, 2006

Spiny Norman Lear: "Road-Show!"

Give a listen to Mahmoud, recruiting actors for this season's Palestinian Roadshow:

Dark Comedy/Farce! 355K
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Mahmoud’s Palestinian Recruiting, Mahmoud speak-

Oh, Ahmad! Wah Alekkom, Salaam!

Yeah, yeah, we’re hevving tryouts for new roadshow… is a dark comedy, a

–how you call it?- farce? “Evil Clowns With Guns!”

No, we don’t have the funding in-place yet, Tariq was denied his US visa AGAIN, so he cannot go raising ‘free-will contributions’ to our charity-front…

Well, yeah, the Saudis TALK a good funding, then they take their oil-me money to the whore-towns and amphetamine-

What? Oh, yeah! “Evil Clowns With Guns!” it is moosical, set in the land of the Shakey Araby, with men dancing, men jogging half-nood, men embracing men with manly embraces of Islam and manly kisses on the manly lips of manly, effeminate men-

Hunh? Well, we think so, too! BEEEG market for this hyper-realistic road-show for peeeeace!

You want what, Ahmed?

Sorry, the casting is finished, all the clowns are in-place. But call again in 60 days, we’re casting for the NEXT production, “Bleu Helmet, Green Helmet!”

-Signoff- (Tip of the Karridine K’ffir Kepi to Spiny Norman!)


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