Monday, September 25, 2006

Pity Poor Tariq!

Islamo-fascist 'scholar' Tariq Ramadan was AGAIN denied a US visa, and not because he's a terrorist-supporting Islamo-fascist shill... (Tip of the Kffir Kepi to Charles@LGF)

Visa Denied Again! (or, Denial IS a River Near Oxford) 316K
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The US government again denied a visa application for terror-supporting Islamic firebrand, Tariq Ramadan, currently ‘teaching’ at Oxford, in the College of Fascist Studies.

He had this to say:

“I think it’s clear from the history of this case that the U.S. government’s real fear is of my ideas,” he said. “I am excluded not because the government truly believes me to be a national security threat, but because of my criticisms of the continuing lack of appeasement in American foreign policies in the Middle East; because of my opposition to the invasion of Iraq and the ever-more successful encouragement of democratic self-rule without the Muslim strong-men; and because of my criticism of some of the Bush administration’s policies with respect to civil liberties for traitors, Islamist terrorists and fifth-column subversives.”

Tariq Ramadan, on his visa denial, again. Tip of the Karridine Kepi to Charles at LGF!


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