Friday, September 15, 2006

Non-Partisan Policies and CAIR

This just in from SayANYthing blog, asking some pertinent questions about WHO the dissembling, fifth-column apologists at CAIR support, and why:

CAIRing Support 394k
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Who The Terror Apologists Support.

By my count, there are 154 Democrats in the House of Representatives who get a 100% rating from the terror apologists at CAIR. Currently there are 201 Democrats total in the House, which means that a full 76%, more than 3/4’s, of them get the CAIR stamp of approval.

On the flip side, there’s only 8 Republicans who get CAIR’s approval out of the 231 GOP’ers in the House. That’s 3.5%.

I can’t find where CAIR has issued rankings like this for the Senate, but I think you get the drift as to the sort of politicians CAIR lends its support to.

So what do we say about this? Well, maybe we should consider why it is that a terror-apologizing, terror-connected group like CAIR overwhelmingly supports one political party over the other. It just makes sense that CAIR should support the Democrats. The Dems oppose aggressive anti-terror techniques like NSA call monitoring, Treasury Department finance tracking (which has tripped up CAIR in the past as I pointed out above), and aggressive interrogation of terror detainees. They oppose fighting the war on terror in the middle east. They seem to think that we can hide out within our own borders and just react to terror attacks as they happen. ...

As far as I’m concerned, CAIR’s list of recommendations works as a list of people Americans concerned about the war on terror shouldn’t vote for under any circumstances. I think the people on this list, and the people who agree with the people on this list, need to consider the fact that they’re finding themselves on the same side of our foreign policy as the allies of our enemies. I won’t go so far as to say that they actively support terrorism, or that they are happy about receiving CAIR’s endorsement, but the fact remains that their policy choices line up with CAIR’s interests...and that’s not a good thing.


Anonymous MichaelW said...

Good points (unfortunately). Like you, I don't subscribe to the whole "They're traitors!" BS, but when they're wrong they're wrong. They need to be lambasted early and often, IMHO.

As for CAIR, you may already know that they are Saudi supported group with few ties to any actual Americans. It's no wonder their propaganda is so often aligned against America's interests and towards dhimmitude.

BTW, I have post about CAIR's latest propaganda that may interest you >>
It's actually more of a swipe at the credulity of the media, since CAIR is so beyond believable as to be not worth my time to completely deconstruct them ... yet.

Be well,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006 11:14:00 PM  

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