Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CandyGram for Suleiman!

Here's a news item that's sure to warm your heart: Suleiman 'Sheikh' Mansur bought the farm, thanks to information provided by Ayub al-Masri, his 'Right-Hand Man' and 'Next in Line'...

This is almost as much fun as the Jordyptian Exiles' Fratricide War!

(PatrickHenrySongs.com is down, possibly due to unpaid domain rent for this coming year!)

CandyGram for Suleiman!


-knock knock!-

Suleiman: What do you want?

Team Satan Shark: C-CandyGram. … CandyGram for Su-lei-man…

-pregnant silence-

Suleiman: Sheikh Mansur is key leader in al-Qaeda in Iraq. Sheikh Mansur has excellent religious, military and leadership credentials within-

Team Satan Shark: (interrupting the self-glorifying monologue) CandyGram!


Suleiman: Who is it FROM?

Shark: Ayub. –pause- Ayub al-Masri. –pause- Ayub al-Masri WITH LOVE!

Suleiman: (smiling broadly) Oh, well, that’s fine-

Explosion rocks the premises. End of tape.

Signoff. Cheers.


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