Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pre-"Post-Zarqawi" Intelligence

Here's a translation of some recent intel gleaned from the well-bounced rubble where Zarqawi's 'Safe House' used to be. This is the translation of a report BY Zarqawi, to al-Qaeda planners/thug-planners elsewhere, and its bleating, whining tone paints a bright picture of remarkable success by the US and our Allies!

Listen now, to Zarqawi's Last Status-of-Forces Report!

The Jerusalem Post provides the translated text of a captured Zarqawi document that paints a gloomy picture of the state of the terrorist insurgency in Iraq. This picture is completely at odds with the image projected by the mainstream media of a robust insurgency gaining strength from US missteps.

Here are the main problems, as identified by the terrorist insurgent leaders themselves:

1. We thugs cannot stop allowing the American forces to form the forces of the National Guard, to reinforce them and enable them to undertake excruciatingly successful military operations against the resistance.

2. We cannot stop them undertaking massive arrest operations, invading regions that have a strong negative impact on the resistance, and hence causing the resistance to lose many of its elements to disillusionment, wounding, disintegration and –yes- even death.

3. By not being able to ever stop the Great Satan Team from undertaking a media campaign against the resistance resulting in weakening its influence inside the country and presenting our crowd-killing, head-hacking work as harmful to the population rather than being beneficial to the population.

4. By tightening, identifying and terminating with prejudice the resistance's financial outlets, Team Satan is restricting our moral options and by confiscating our ammunition and weapons, humiliating us daily for our cowardice and incompetence.

5. The ‘Allies’ are creating a big division among the ranks of the resistance and jeopardizing its attack operations, and has weakened its influence and internal support of its elements, thus resulting in a decline of the resistance's assaults by survivors, both frightened and crippled.

6. By allowing an increase in the number of countries and elements supporting the occupation, … allowing them to become neutral in their stand toward us in contrast to their previous stand … against the occupation.

7. By taking advantage of the resistance's mistakes and magnifying them in order to misinform, but more humiliatingly, to INFORM.

In other words, these are the things that the US is doing right. This document, if genuine, indicates a massive failure on the part of Western news media to accurately portray the conflict in Iraq, in part because it accurately portrays the successful, winning effort sustained by the US in Iraq!

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