Thursday, June 01, 2006

Light-Hearted, Carefree Parents

Here's the text of a letter posted on Mark Steyn's blog, in the MailBox section. A light-hearted, carefree father encourages others to follow his lead:

Light-Hearted, Carefree!


Mr Wingate is right. (Mark¹s Letter of the Week for 05/24/06.) Gay people have a compelling personal interest in joining the struggle for a demographic revival. Too bad he didn¹t go a little further to see the obvious solution right in front of his face. Adopt or find a willing woman to carry your child.

Want to change the world? Make it more tolerant? Political advocacy only goes so far. If you really want to prevent America from zero population growth - like the European Union - having a child is the best way to accomplish that.

I ought to know. I am a gay father. It is the best thing that I¹ve ever done. I marvel at the mysteries of life, and God, every time I see my son¹s lovely blue eyes. We love and respect each other. What is he going to vocational school to learn? Construction.

If only more gay men would settle down, they could have something like this
But many that I know would rather adopt risks by cruising for sex and other immature, narcissistic and unproductive behavior than adopt a child. I can’t tell you how many times I get the derogatory name “breeder” thrown in my face. (And I thought gay slurs were offensive.) Those are the kind of gays who will never understand the selflessness, the giving and the rewards of being a parent. Knowing that a part of you will go on beyond the grave is the most thrilling gift - a right that has, until recently, not been afforded us.

So if you’re really concerned about the zero growth rate or inability to fill jobs with “American” workers, I challenge you - gay people especially - to bring a child of your own into your heart.

It¹s either that or learn Spanish.

Kevin Lowery
Baltimore, Maryland


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