Wednesday, May 31, 2006

As It Develops: Death Threats from Reuters

The on-going embarrassment of Reuters-London, wherein somebody used their equipment to send a death threat, reveals once again how difficult it will be (and continually IS) for Muslimoid humans to deal with the real world.

Although "Death Threat" doesn't lay it out explicitly, it is clear to any unbiased observer that the anti-Reason, anti-Rational forces and their mouthpieces, like Zark-Man and House Servant, live in a fantasy world where THEY are (or soon will be) supreme over all others, elite, untouchable and loved by God. Or loved by Allah, Arabic-for-God.

Because of their deep dependence on these fantasies, they have a vested interest in NOT accepting or recognizing Baha'u'llah as the Glory of God, the Manifestation of God (God Made Manifest) for THIS Day and Age, in no small part because He clearly enunciates the divine principle of the Oneness of Humankind: ALL humans are human.

Bunglawala, Zarqawi, UBL and Ahmadi-nejad DO NOT want to accept their basic humanity, and therefore MUST generate their personal fantasy, their personally-imagined world where they, and others they deem 'true Muslims', are the elite dominators of the world of humanity.

They issue Death Threats!

Karridine, June 1, 163BE

Update: 0755 BKK/1755 PST: This just posted at LGF, from the Muslim MPACUK of Britain:

"If you feel this is no big deal then you are on the wrong website, please re-direct your reading. If however you are shocked at the powerful nature of those who attack you, and are more angry at the incompetent nature of those who are currently supposed to be defending you then fund us, or join us. Together we can protect men like Inayat from the most powerful enemies Muslims have faced in a thousand years."

Uhm, no, this is NOT a threat to Islam, this is the FULFILLMENT of Islam, by the One Muhammad, THE PROPHET, PROPHESIED! He has come, and His coming threatens thugs and usurpers and tyrants of all shapes and sizes, who want to manipulate the ignorance of people around them. His Coming threatens and dissolves ancient creeds, institutions and those who defend or use them. His Coming proclaims the equality of men and women, and MPACUK (as well as Bunglawala and his ilk) HATE to think of men and women as being equal in the eyes of God!

A death-threat was sent by email to Charles Johnson, owner of the news-aggregation website Little Green Footballs. The electronic record, admissable in a court of law, shows that the threat was sent from someone using Reuters news-service’s equipment in London.

When Mr Johnson informed Reuters of the event, someone purporting to be ‘Ed Wilson’ responded that “…I can confirm that an employee has been suspended pending further investigation. The individual was not an employee of Reuters’ news division.”

The death threat, “…I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut....” was standard, Islamo-fascist over-compensating machismo bravado, borne of years of impotence, but there it was, a death-threat nonetheless.

Then the website carried almost-daily updates on what the threatener, who called LGF “You bunch of wankers” was doing, prowling around the website, reading information primarily (and almost exclusively) about the Inayat Bunglawala embarrassment, wherein Bunglawala, British Council representative for Muslims, had some of HIS postings online elsewhere examined for veracity, relevance and coherency.

Bunglawala was generally and specifically spanked, embarrassed and refuted. He was exposed as a weak and clumsy thinker, much given to bluster, innuendo, ad hominem attacks and poor logic, all this atop of a basic ignorance of the way the world works, on the Internet.

A very recent post by a reader at LGF asks these pertinent, PUBLIC questions of Reuters and its ‘not an employee’ tool, Bunglawala:

What’s up with your deranged coworker?
Is it common practice for employees of your company to post death threats on blogs?
(Do you) Think it reflects negatively on you and your coworkers?
Anyone want to start a “not in my name” (anti death threats) group in your office?
Think anyone (from yr office) will join it?
Think the bosses will identify the author of the death threat and fire him/her?
Think they should (ID and or fire)?
In an age where cartoons can spark riots and murder all over the world, do you think death threats should be taken seriously?
BTW: Did you guys publish the cartoons?
If not, why not?
How would you respond if someone made an anonymous death threat against you?

Watch, now, as Reuters and Bunglawala publicly deal with their ignorance of and arrogant disregard for The Glory of God, Baha’u’llah, and His connection to Islam!


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