Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Talkin Kamel In With a Bullet!

This little playlet will be nonimated for the Emmy Award later this year, I'm sure! TalkinKamel has given us "Baldwin IV" (and it ain't no piano drip, neither!)

Give it a listen, and drop some Comments
as to quality, quantity and subject matter!

Baldwin IV, Mischief!
(Right-Click and Save as...)


(A stage. Baldwin IV, the Leper King comes dancing onstage, with a troop of talking bananas, intelligent MuArae Spiders and michievous looking people wearing "I (HEART) ZIONISM!" T-shirts. Many of the latter look suprisingly lizardlike. All twirl canes and spin top hots, as they dance).

Baldwin: (singing)

If you're feeling blue, if you're feeling sad,
Don't just sit there when you’re feeling bad!
Methinks it's time for a bit of fun!
Zionist Mischief, everyone!

(All Sing)

Zionist Mischief, for one and all!
Zionist Mischief, heed the call!
Zionist Mischief is tons of fun,
Zionist Mischief for everyone!

Bananas (singing):

If your life is sad, and you need some zest,
Zionist mischief is the best!
Just head on out there, on the double,
Start stirrin' up some Zionist trouble!

(All Sing)

Zionist Mischief, for one and all! (etc.)

Lizardoid Zionists, in funny T-shirts (singing):

Oh, Zionist Mischief is really great,
Its loads of fun to do with your date,
Zionist Mischief is the best,
Come on! Be a mischievous Zi-oh-nest!

Oh, Zionist Mischief, blah, blah, and so forth.

Intelligent MuArae Spiders (singing while juggling Ginsu knives):


(Okay, okay, Spider talk doesn't translate well into English! Baldwin IV performs a pole dance instead, while everybody else turns handsprings, and the mischievous bananas shed their peels in a strip tease, so people can trip on them!)


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