Sunday, May 28, 2006

Countdown of the Memes! Week May 21-28

Well, here you go with this week's most popular memes and whines, from around the world!

Countdown of the Memes, May 29th

and last week's:

Countdown of the Memes, May 20th
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Countdown-May 29, 2006 Common Era

Welcome to this week’s Maelstrom of the Memes!

where I count down the world’s Top 10 Memes and Whines, from the Left, the Right, the Center, the Top and the Bottom of the world!

Leading off in the Number 10 position, we have last week’s #6, “I have a right to abort, no matter WHAT the consequences!”

Number Nine this week is a newcomer to the Charts, “What if Jesus was actually telling the TRUTH about the One, like unto the Son of Man, coming in 1844?” Keep your eye on this one, its in with a bullet. Actually, 750 bullets!

Number Eight this week is the Illegal Alien song, “Borders? We don’ need no steenkin’ borders!” down two from last week.

Number Seven this week is another newcomer, “the Country-Western channel’s logo is worse than the Ice-Cream Swirl of Blasphemy!”, a parody of the ever-popular, “We are gonna whine and seethe, bitch and moan, sneer and riot!”

In the Number Six position, “Thugs!” (Thugs, we are thugs and kill you like thugs and we fight for the right to enslave you!)

Holding steady in the Number Five position, the Apologists’ Creed singing “Give me designer chains, or give me euthanasia!”, a sly take-off of Patrick Henry’s famous dictum!

Sliding to Number 4 this week is “Can’t we blame this on Bush?”, down one point from last week,

While the Number Three position is up 11 from last week, “This Civil War Is KILLING Us!” by the Jordyptian Tabernacle Choir and Hamas/Fatah Rivalry!

Jockeying for Number One is this week’s runner up, in the Second most popular meme position, last week’s Number One, “God Loves Us Muslims More Than Any Other Humans!”

And this week’s Number One, moving up one from last week, “Its ALL the FAULT of the JEWS and Baha’is!”

Well, there you have it, Kasey Karridine’s Kritical Kountdown of the Top Ten Memes from around the world, in The Maelstrom of Memes! This is Karridine at Brain Surgery with Spoons, dot blogspot dot com, for May 29th, 2006 CE.


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