Monday, May 29, 2006

Here's to the House Servant

A small, small sampling of the derisive reception given to the alleged big-talking, death-threatening Inayat Bunglawalah...

Short and sweet:

House Servant!
(Right-Click and Save as...)

Our featured picture is: Aerobics for Arabics, Bung-Boy!

Dedicated to Bunglawala Inayat

I know a weenie man
He owns a weenie stand
He sells most anything from hot dogs on down down down down
One day I'll change his life
I'll be his weenie wife
Hot dog! I love that weenie man!

I married the weenie man
We moved to Weenie Land
We had two weenie kids who blew up the cat, POP!
They went to weenie jail
We paid a weenie bail
Hot dog! Those weenie kids are bad!

As always when dealing with Islamofascist machismo bluster, I wouldn't overlook the possibility that this poor chap has unresolved sexual identity problems.

Look !
Up in the sky !
It's a bird !
It's a plane !
It's Blathering Titted Weenie-Man !

All your tits are belong us!

/Islam will never defeat the titted infidels!

Yo, Mr. Anonymous Remailer - is it true that you were so ugly when you were born that the doctor slapped your mother?

He was afraid to post his own little number
He was as terroristic as he could be
He realized that we woke from a slumber, and
He wanted all of us to see
One, two, three, four, Mr. No-One we want more,

You are an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, blathering titted little thingy ♪♪♪

Lacking the courage of a dying piss-ant (2-3-4, stick around, we’ll rank some more!)

Yo, Mr. Anonymous Remailer, Your mother is so dumb, she jumped out the window and fell UP.

Yo, Anonymous Jihadi!

Question: What's the difference between your sister and a camel?

Answer: About 25 pounds.

Once again, for the general enlightenment:

"Bunglawala:" a combination of two Hindi words. "Bungala," or "house" (from which the word "bungalow" is derived), and "wallah," meaning someone who is in charge of a particular duty or service.

Bunglawala = house servant.

I keep hearing the whine from the end of the first half of "Gone With the Wind;" "Who's gwine milk dat cow, Miz Scarlett? We's house servants."

If Bunglawala attended one of the "public" (i.e., private) schools in England where fagging is still practiced, it must have been...difficult for him to serve as a fag while bearing the patrynomic of "house servant"--particularly since a) it is routine in such establishments to refer to fellow students by their last names, and b) there is probably still sufficient Anglo-Indian tradition alive in the UK for people to know full well what his patronym means.

One can only imagine the personal issues/demons he acquired from such an experience, and how he is working through them at the expense of the larger society.

“You are a blathering titted weenie-man."

I keep hearing that line delivered by Hans & Franz.

'...Islam cannot lose.'

That's your best insult? "Titted weenie-man?" Dude, I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.”

There’s more, much more of this off-handed, casual disparagement of an emotionally crippled young Muslimoid loser, but I’m calling it a day. This is


Anonymous Inyah Faise said...

Tell us what you really think of the guy...

looks like the balls are in Reuters' court, so to speak

Monday, May 29, 2006 9:44:00 PM  

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