Monday, May 29, 2006

Scarred Borough Fears

The boroughs of New York were scarred November 11th, and paid a terrible fare to terrorism done in the name of religion.

Now JoKerr Enterprises brings you "Scarred Borough Fears", a short poignant examination of what we have to do to respond rationally to the irrational hatred, racism and thug-terrorism around us today:

Friends, "Scarred Borough Fears"
(with apologies to Simon and Garfunkle)


What the enemy believes (Hussein Massawi)
We are not fighting so
that you will offer us
We are fighting
to eliminate you.
Hussein Massawi

Scarred Boroughs’ Fears

Are they coming to wage Jihad here?
Subway bombs seem more than mere crime
Can we please put on our listening ears?
Might be the lesser evil in these times

Are they spreading their green banners here?
Hijack planes to change the skyline
We are so free, what have we to fear?
From closed societies’ cousin bloodlines

Will they switch to disposable phones?
After reading The New York Times
Was that “Aid and Comfort?” Am I alone?
In a Pinch, can you fathom the reason or rhyme?

When will we finally take off our gloves?
And defend our values sublime
The task’s not impossible; it’s one of love
More than posture at election time

Tunnels and bridges are well-engineered
Bedrock reached past layers of silt
But as elephant falls to small pointed spears
Large things are easier ruined than built

Extra! Extra! Come hither and read
Our news sources riddles with spies
We all know the saying that which bleeds does lead
And US black eyes make Pulitzer Prize

Freedom and fear are at war.
The advance of human freedom the great achievement of
our time, and the great hopes of all time now depends on us.

Our nation, this generation, will
lift a dark threat of violence
from our people and our future.
We will rally the world to
this cause by our efforts,
by our courage.
We will not tire,
we will not falter,
we will not fail. George Bush

Copyright JoKerr Enterprises, May 30, 2006CE

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 31th- Scarred Borough Fares


Anonymous Mrs. Robinson said...

hey, put a few more like this together, and you've got a soundtrack

Where's Joe DiMaggio?

Monday, May 29, 2006 11:38:00 PM  

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