Monday, May 22, 2006

Isamophobia Examined: #1

Some thoughts about Islamophobia, this first being is it IS, or is it AIN'T?

Islamophobia, May 21st
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Islamophobia #1


Hello? Yes Ma’am, I am VERY concerned about Muslim thugs killing my friends, loved ones-

What? You consider me Islamophobic?

You ACCUSE me of Islamophobia? And that’s… bad?

Uh-hunh… uh-huh…

Well, Ma’am… Ma’am? Thank you. Thank you for bringing up this charge of Islamophobia, since you know that science defines a phobic response as an involuntary fear response of the body, overwhelming in character, with identifying signs including non-consciously controlled sweating of the palms, shallow breathing, vascular constriction in the skin, dilation of the pupils or pin-pointing of the pupils, and raised bloodpressure.

Are we together here?

And you, Madame, can clearly hear that I am NOT breathing in a shallow manner, my voice is not nearing a scream or totally silenced with fear, and I’m holding the phone easily with dry palms and fingers, wouldn’t you agree?

But IF you mean that I recognize the murderous intent and efforts of SOME of the Muslims to dominate me, subjugate me, or kill me, then you’re accusing me of being rational and competent in my observations, and I proudly acknowledg-

What? Well, same to you, Lady!


Anonymous HI HO, HI HO said...

I could be considered an Islamaphobe, but since I am already classified as a redneck, I probably can't get the more sophisticated moniker. But then the term redneck is also all-inclusive for those types of things. Go America!!! HI HO, HI HO.

Monday, May 22, 2006 5:09:00 AM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Eggs Ackley!

A redneck IS an American, and one who is NOT afraid to say, "Saudis seem to have us in their cross-hairs now, ain't they?"

Maybe a redneck don't got good grammar, but they NOTHING WRONG with his patriotism and thinking!

Thanks for posting, HiHo!

Monday, May 22, 2006 10:07:00 AM  

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