Friday, May 19, 2006

To Hirsi Ali

Hirsi Ali, courageously raising a call throughout the world, of the alarming (and objectively verifiable) outrages being forced upon Muslim women by misogynist, ignorant and arrogant Muslim men, has just made it through an official attempt by Verdonk of the Dutch legal system, to strip Hirsi Ali of her Dutch citizenship, ostensibly for falsifying her entrance papers, even though that was publicly acknowledged by Ali more than 3 years ago!

So here's to Hirsi Ali, some praise and encouragement. (And, truth be told, a grudging 'Good on ya' for Verdonk, for reversing her direction upon learning of the strong public support for Ali)

Hirsi Ali!


At the battle of Verdun the French did say, of their foe

"They shall not pass!"

In the Battle of Verdonk it seems to be, of the Prophet

"You shall not sass!"

One does not critique the Prophet

or of religion laugh

But if ever she marries, we know of the pair

Hirsi'll be the better "half"

To escape a dishonest ‘marriage’ for life, to Holland

She did fly

And later truthfully did declare, on her papers

She wrote a lie

Just to cling to some truth

And justice it seems

God LOVES laughter

And Hirsi her dreams

Now Verdonk has tasted both courage and fear, so frightful

But does not last

And public opinion has bolstered her spine, “Hirsi stays,

I’ll let it pass…”

Hirsi did not critique the Prophet

It’s the followers she flays

And bright in the stellar skies of the truth

Courageous, for all of her days!


Anonymous Ms. Verdonk said...

you have a lovely voice, sir
I thank you for this tribute, which I am sure is actually a tribute to me, for standing up against Hirsi Ali
I will get her, don't you worry!
We liberals are a tolerant lot, and we will not allow an ignorant arrogant immigrant woman to ruin our multiculturalism!
We liberals will win, and Ms Ali and her neocon friends in the US will lose, why just the other day... blah blah blah me me me arggghhhh!! help!! a terrorist is trying to kill me!!!!! Could Hirsi have been right all along!?! but no, no wait, no please!!!! I don't want to die!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:59:00 PM  

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