Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let the Fun Begin!

For all you Gaza-watchers and Jordyptian splodeydope well-wishers, we have a public service announcement for the Big Exciting Effort, beginning today, May 19th!

Gaza Picnic Public Service Announcement!
(Right Click and Save as...)


Don't miss the first annual Gaza militant picnic.
Place: Qassam firing range. Contests and prizes for all Islamo-barbarians. But you have to be present in one piece to be eligible.

- Burqa sack race.
- Car swarm treasure hunt.
- Cat Tractor rides (Courtesy St. Pancake Carnival Enterprises, Inc.)
- Arts & Crafts tent, offering make-your-own Hamas battle scarf/face mask; evil Zionist rub-on tattoos; victimhood sign painting. (Hat tip: Lazarus)
- Hand painting (blood red only).
- Fence climbing and tunnel crawling marathon.
- Bomb assembly race (can you finish without a "work accident"?).
- Shoot your AK-47 straight up in the air contest; compete with others to see who can hit themself on the way down).

- 1ST PRIZE: Bomb belts for the whole family.
- 2ND PRIZE: Israeli flag, gasoline, and matches.
- 3RD PRIZE: Jihad, the board game. Now you can play at home!



Blogger psyopsvsislam said...

Wish you'd told us sooner. Can't make it today. But the link was forwarded to the Golani Brigade, in case they wish to drop in.

Friday, May 19, 2006 9:35:00 AM  

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