Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wacky Week's Work: May 13-20

For your listening pleasure, these are the week's top picks, from May 13 to 20:

#1: Its in the Koran!

#2: Sheiku!

#3: Global Islamic Media Person -> GIMP!

#4: Aloha Snackbar, Resort to Violence!

#5: Save Nazanin!
(most important!)

#6: Hirsi Ali's Fight!

#7: Zarqawi, Waiting for the Blow to Fall!

#8: Gaza Picnic Fun!

#9: Estrogen!

#10: Leaving on a Jihad Plane!

#Another: Scoff & Deny, Its a Damnable Heresy!

#Another: "Prof" Bennish's Pop Quiz!

#Another: 'Dick' Rather, Private Eyebulb

Til next week,

Kerri-catured in a self-portrait up there!


Anonymous Jihadi bin Latte said...

well, well, well
aren't we keeping busy!
you are very prolific, my friend
perhaps, to paraphrase Arnold Schwartzenheffer in one of his many bloody films, the Jihadis will kill you last

or perhaps they will merely force you to submit to their will, and make you REVERT to Islam

Oh, did I say "they?"

I meant "WE!!"

bow before us, infidel dog!
do you know how we treat poets?'Afak

Friday, May 26, 2006 12:45:00 PM  

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