Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Downgrading Zarqawi

In light of an excellent analysis of Zarkman's recent castration by bin Laden and Gang, here is a vocal tribute to Zarqawi (don't call him Zarqa-weewee) now that Satan has pulled the all-too-expectable 'no more limelight for YOU, Petty Thug!' trick on the Zarkman:

Waiting for the Blow to Fall!

laments, none too tearfully, the sad position of a 'failed thug', who had every chance to kill helpless women and children, worshipping men and unarmed civilians; DID SO, and now struggles to live down the heaping helping of ridicule he has to endure, with VDOs of him fumbling with weapons and surrounded by hot-barrel-grabbing idiots!



When you needed blood
I was the man you wanted
Now my life is haunted,
As I wait for the final call,

Waiting for the Blow to Fall…

More as an end than a means,
Psychopath as revolutionary
Blood was where you found me
Killing all around me,
I killed my allies all,

Now I’m Waiting for the Blow to Fall

Waiting for the Blow to Fall
Dirty and unshaven
Cowardly and craven
Powerless and small…
Waiting for the Blow to Fall

The worshippers I killed
The body-bags I filled
The mourners that I shredded
The Zarkman was widely dreaded…
Now bin Laden from his tower,
Takes back all my power,
So I seethe and glower…

Waiting for the Blow to Fall



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