Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't Whine for Me, Abu Mazen

The powerless, toothless and tarnished Abu Mazen, quasi-leader of the Hamas-Fatah debacle in the toxic squat outside Israel in the Holy Land, has begged with a US Federal judge to reverse a lower-court decision to hold him responsible for death and damage done by Hamas-Fatah thugs and terrorists.

So he loads up his slop bucket and delivers a steaming heap of whine!

Here's a melodic response:
Don't Whine for Me, Abu Mazen!
(Right Click and enSlave as...)


You’ll all be queasy, we are deranged
When I tell you the joy that I feel
That I’m so loathesome after all that I’ve done
You’ll believe me
All you see is a terrorist its true
Although we’re dressed up in fine suits

In bloodshed and murder with you

Tried not to let it happen, I wouldn’t change
Had to stay all my life down like a heel
Firing out of the window, slaying out in the sun
So I chose hatred
Shooting around, trying everything new
But nothing improved me at all
I never expected it to

Don’t whine for me Abu Mazen
The truth is, you seldom speak it
And from your history
No more a mystery
You worship Violence!
And now you wreak it!

And as for fortune, and as for fame
I sucked on these teats whenever I could
For it seems to the world they were all I desire
No more illusions
They're not the solutions to the problem I see
The answer was here all the time
I’ll kill Jews until we are freeeeee

Twist in the wind Mr Mazen
The HAMAS, it will not FATAH
And FATAH further
Doth love to murder
Its HAMAS brothers,
for power brazen!

Have I said too much?
There's nothing more I can think of to say to you
But all you have to do is get downwind
To know that every word is true



Anonymous Tim Rice said...

I am suing your ass to the wall, pal!!
You do NOT have my permission to use my melody to deny the Palistinean hord their birthright, albeit they do not themselves truly exist, but are merely the self-same old Arabs who go by so many names; to whit: and no I am not sure I am using colons and semi-colons correctly: Jordanians, Egypytians, Syrians, Assyrians, Peloponesians, Arabs, Semites, Mohammedans, MichaelMoorans, Bedouins, Et-Ceterans, Saudis, and the odd tribal Zarqawians-who-don't-use-a-letter-u-after-Q-ians
yes, all of themians

I do not allow the use of my melody in oppression of allothemians!!!
even though your voice is far sweeter than lemonians
so thereian!
et tu Bruterian

Friday, May 19, 2006 1:49:00 AM  

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