Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Olbermann's Latest Public Display of Affection

To Keith: here are 16 reasons, documented by Democrat and Republican "True Americans" alike, which REFUTE in toto your abject ad hominem and straw-man attacks on-air.
Tip of the Karridine K'ffir Kepi to JD.

Clinton is STILL responsible for letting bin Laden go, for so long. (to the tune of 16 Candles)

Sixteen Reasons
Why the Clinton Legacy
Will Show Clinton Responsible
bin Laden's Continued Existence & Enmity
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Graphic: Courtesy M. Ramirez

Update: The
Documentary Footnotes, IF you need them Mr Olbermann!

Lopez: What most surprised you to learn about the Clinton years and terrorism?

Miniter: Three things:

1) That the Sept. 11 attacks were planned in May 1998 in the Khalden Camp in southeastern Afghanistan, according to American and British intelligence officers I interviewed. In other words, the 9/11 attacks were planned on Clinton's watch.

2) The sheer number of bin Laden's attacks on Americans during the Clinton years.

3) And how much senior Clinton-administration officials knew about bin Laden and how little they did about it.

Lopez: This sounds like this could all be right-wing propaganda. How can you convince readers otherwise?

Miniter: Most of my best sources were senior Clinton officials, including both of his national-security advisers, his first CIA director, Clinton's counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, Madeline Albright, and others. Plus, I interviewed scores of career federal officials. None of them are card-carrying members of the vast right-wing conspiracy.


Blogger Massachusetts Republican said...

"If Clinton had only attacked terrorism as much as he attacks George Bush we wouldn't be in this problem."
--Dennis Miller

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 9:22:00 PM  

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