Wednesday, September 27, 2006

London's Olympic-Sized Mosque!

Designed to hold up to 70,000 (3 Divisions!) of screaming, hate-filled zealots of the "Religion of Peace", this is set to turn London on its ear! (Tip of the Karridine K'ffir Kepi to localharbor, Earth2Moonbat and Canadian Infidel!)

Brit Dimmification! 401K
(Right-click and "Save as...")

Graphic: Islamo-fascists supremacists strutting their stuff in Londonistan...

An Olympic-sized mosque at last! Think of the events:

1. Lighting the Peugot at the opening ceremonies.

2. The "Please, Effendi, may I have another!" competition. Always a favorite of the fans!

3. The infidel chase.

4. The monster camel races

5. Cat Stevens concerts (ptewwie!)

6. Annual Jihadi weapons fair

7. Jumping through rings of fire contests.
8. Hide and seek camouflage competition.
9. The Decapulathon of Infidel Heads.
10. The push-off competition - how many unscarved girls can you push back into a burning building. (And of course, “Ignore the Screams” contest, following on.)

11. Impromptu Anti-West Seething Rally organization contest.

12. Car Swarm body part gathering contest.
13. Car Swarm body part cooking contest. Ummm, yummy!
14. The power of Islamic will contest. Contestants gather in prayer facing
Mecca, pray on the ground while licking salt licks praying for the return of the 6th century.


Tip of the Karridine K’ffir Kepi to localharbor, Earth2Moonbat & Canadian Infidel



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Had some REALLY gummy problems with Blogger today, posting 4 times while getting stuck at "0% published..."

Anyhow, here it is!

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