Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pencil-Neck as Lying Poser!

It took less than 30 hours to demolish the stuttering, pencil-necked hyper-decorated buffoon who tried to trick leftists, rationalists and libertarians alike with his vile, spit-on-America's-troops accusations of civilian butchery as pro forma policy in Iraq and Afghanistan!

(No offence to pencil-necked geeks, sorry he looks so seriously weak... and as someone noted, he took a close hit from a wrinkle-bomb!)

Within hours, this maroon had removed all internet notification of his absurd 'medals' and 'decorations'; Dept of the Army had publicly reported, "No such person EVER served, Ranger or Special Forces or even Army;" and a few hours later, even the yoyo's profile at Military.com was rescinded, erased without fanfare, now accessible only by the records made by competent people at various sites around the world, who want the message to get out:

We're living in a New Era, an age of accountability and easy fact-checking!

So here it is, short and sweet:

Jesse MacBeth!

(Right-Click and Save as...)


Jesse MacBeth

Jessie MacBeth was a whimpering git
Who wanted to be a man
“If they can all b-be rangers,
Then anyb-b-body can!”

A useful idiot!’ Peace Films cried,
and a vidiot was born,
sleeves rolled up
beret set out, on
locks quite neatly shorn

“I-in Iraq I b-b-butchered kids
and innocents b-by the score
We’d kill the babes in mothers’ arms
And- W-wait, don’t go, there’s more!”

But round the world
The ones with sight
Called Jessie at his bluff
The whimpering git
Erased his ‘medals’, then cried
Hold, enough!”

And now he knows how Saddam felt
Cringeing in a hole
Praying justice pass him by
Hoping we’ll forget his lie
Pleas to God “Forget my lie,
I S-so regret my role!”

Bessie wanted to be a man
And wear a public crown
But just like Kerry
Truth came out, and
Showed Bessie MacBeth a c-clown!


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