Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 7 Bangkok Shutdown Attempt

Day 7 Bangkok Shutdown Attempt

The crowd at 5-corners (Rajada-LadPrao intersection) may have been relatively well-mannered, but it was also markedly smaller today, Sunday, the seventh day of this smiling, coercive bullying by one group, to get its way re: RULING Thailand.

Government would be a good thing, and there are signs that the Thai citizens at large are beginning to think about 'government without THESE parties' and 'government of the people, all the people, FOR the people and BY the people'...

Do I have any easy answers? Probably not. I've sought diligently through all this to ask questions about the on-going reality, allowing as how facts show that one pretender to the Prime Chair has outstanding warrants active for his arrest on charges growing from the deaths of several opposition-party citizens while he was in the responsible position in government, to be charged for their deaths...

And I recognize that the incumbent, although technically still 'innocent unless/until proven guilty', has some serious accusations stacked up against her...

Furthermore, I understand what a 'false-flag attack' is, and don't have the facts to prove or disprove such in the bombings, killings and mayhem witnessed to-date.

What I DID see was the Sutep-YellowShirts rallied at a major choke-point for causing major inconvenience to motor traffic, but had not the courage of their convictions such that they could march 2,000 meters FURTHER up LadPrao, because unaligned citizens and Red Shirts awaited them, but didn't seek out confrontation.

So Sunday has come and gone in The Big Mango, in the Land of Smiles. I'll report on what Monday brings, Monday. See you then.

Today brought this, first ever, near our home:


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