Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jose Padilla, Lotus-Eating Victim of PCP!

Pity poor Jose Padilla, who claims to have been 'force-fed' LSD to be used as 'truth serum'...

Here's the take by Rootless Cosmo, but the only person I could get to record it was Freebide Hoofner, refugee from Woodstock-2002, and I'm afraid he ate too much of the brown blotter...

Poor Padilla! 286k
(Right-click and "Save file as...")

Graphic: court-appointed artist's rendition of one of the hideous hullaballutions poor Jose had to endure under the truthy effects of LSD. (Caution: may lead to heart-ache and sorrow)

Rootless Cosmo 10/31/2006 03:23PM PST

With apologies to Sgt. Pepper (Kerry thought he was an under-educated loser anyway):

"Picture yourself in a cell on an island,

Where pages of Koran are used for TP.

Suddenly someone appears at the stall door,

It's kaleidoscope-eyed Jose P!"

Newsroom reporters appear on the shore

Waiting to eat all you say,

Climb on their laps with your head in the clouds

And you’re GONE!

Loosely Undisguised with Dye, Mon!

Loosely In Disguise with Dye, Mon!

Lose the Indy Guys with Thai, Man!



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