Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"...Seige Mentality..." ?

The good folk at Lightstalkers set up their blog/forum to automatically validate and authenticate bona fide posters, and to send bona fide posters email notifications of sequellae and follow-on to their posts.

So Email, We Get Email! 1,240k
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Tuesday Morning: We Get Mail!

“Sorry I don’t deal with people who are not willing to publicly state their indentities and agendas. Otherwise I would also be perpetuating false information.” Says Lisa H.

(I can see it now… “Before I go through this checkout line, you, the cashier, must publicly state your identity and your agenda. Not having an agenda is absolutely disallowed. You may not claim to be the well-wisher of all humankind, and you may NOT refuse to make a declaration! Get on with it!”)

“…I can only assume that since you are unable or unwilling to provide your bona- fides…” when in fact I provided my ‘bona fides’ right there, in-thread, suggesting that my bona fide ability to read the whole thread was all I was asserting. I would be responsible for assessing the posts as they were, regardless of WHO was posting them, inasmuch as ‘appeal to authority’ holds little relevance in online discourse.

What that ‘authority’ POSTS is important. Whether or not the poster has won prizes is relevant to a CV, or a job application, but posting at Lightstockers, like posting at ANY OTHER online endeavor, requires that the readers/posters stay with the facts or arguments presented and THEIR relevance, accuracy or verisimilitude, NOT with whether or not the poster has a degree in photo-journalism, f’rinstance…

I posted this link (EU Referendum) as an example of ‘thorough investigation, and even-handed reporting’ but the good folks there dismissed it with a sniff and a wave of their rhetorical hands: “

“I bet Tyler Hicks has laughed himself hoarse at all this angsty hysteria. That or he is too busy working to have time or care about all this BS because he has to get out and make a living.” Well, sure, making a living selling true and accurate pictures of people faking injuries for propaganda purposes… that was Eyal’s question from the first, weren’t it?

—Jeff McIntyre

“I declare this thread invalid…”

“So Eris I Dysnomia is more than happy to intimidate people from behind another Greek principle – the Pseudonym…which seems to be par for the course on this thread.

Classy, real classy.” (INTIMIDATED)

Like, you’re gonna destroy someone’s career?” Shucks, no… the person who published the photo as if it were a valid news photo set that process in motion, destroying his own career. Us plebians just noticed it, s’all.

Zion continues: “Ya know, I’d have a whole lot more respect for these laptop warriors if they could actually front up under their own names – and of course their free speech argument would have some validity, instead of being a shabby cover for cowardice, intimidation and blackmail.”

“Eyal, you are really rude guy as far as I am concerned, no I really do believe that. You ignored all good suggestions in the begining and then came acrross with lots of same and unpleasant questions.” Quote Ocean, who admits that the questions were unpleasant, and were asked again and again in a legitimate effort to get them answered by the Prime Source, Tyler Hicks.

Now for all you other slow folk in the listening audience, the posters at Lightstocker perceived these questions as “unpleasant” and the asking of them as “intimidating” and “scurrilous”, the equivalent of “cowardice, intimidation and blackmail.”

Methinks they doth protest too much. In fact, the continued denial, obfuscation and delegitimizing of concerned humans investigating the truth about Tyler’s photos, especially in light of Tyler’s continued absence of clarification of the PHOTO, instead of the Caption, opens the door to contemplation of the MOTIVES driving these good folk to put up so much verbiage in defense of Tyler’s PHOTO, which shouldn’t NEED DEFENDING…

So I’ll conclude this short podcast-essay with an assessment by another analyst, who uses his bona fide real name, Martin Solomon, at Solomonia:

But enough about the picture, because that's not what this posting is about. I'm not here to tell you about photos, I'm here to tell you about photographers -- their delusions, their insularity, their siege mentality, their guild consciousness, their omerta... and their hatred for blogs (and bloggers!) and any of their fellows who dare step out of line.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum


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