Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Rubes- Scuze Me, The Muslims!

Islamic 'leaders' are on to something big when they lead the faithful (who trust them, and whose trust those 'leaders' abuse!) into violent, materialistic jihad...

Whipping Up the Rubes! 624K
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A "faith" of unassailable superiority, coupled with promises of heavenly riches for those who but mouth the words, pump out the kids, rub noses at the mosque and give something back to the mullahs ... works well among the illiterate, the impoverished, the "ordinary" folk of the Fringe. I mean just think about it!

You're told your state-of-impoverishment is due to no failing, inadequacy, lack-of-gumption or insobriety of your own EXCEPT that you are in infidel, and the greater Satans of the infidels keep you down, nose to the dirt, until you die in poverty and strife. So, you need only tip your noodle a half dozen times a day in the general direction of Mecca, recite some unintelligible mantras, and you'll be saved.

Further, once "In The Club", your natural adopted superiority can be flaunted over everyone who you perceive impoverishes or oppresses you in any way. You get instant superiority-gratification when your sons and daughters duly insist that their future brides and husbands need to convert to The Club in order to secure a long life of carnal pleasures and happiness. You can decry all other religions and beliefs as deeply inferior to your own - precisely because you really do not and shall never really understand your "faith's" convoluted, self-negating, confused ("mad") and angry tenets.

You're happy being a rube, because to be a Rube is the high-point of the Teaching of the Rubes. And you can be righteous, proud in your rubbish religion. You're right, damn it, because your prophet said you're right, and even if you're wrong, so long as you're working within the framework of being right, you're still right. See?

Pretty compelling, when coupled with the aggrandized notion of only achieving peace on earth by overtaking the whole of the planet. How bloody convenient! "You're not happy, even though you're now a Rublem because of EVERYone else who hasn't converted. It is, has, and will be their fault. They must convert or die. Go forth with knife and talisman, and conquer!"

The Rubes rightfully cite their strength as evidenced by their numbers. Millions! Billions! Yes, indeed. Billions upon billions of people who mistake "acting" as superior to "thinking", who mistake "righteous conformity" to the superior position of dialectic, discourse and logis. Oh, the "Imams" and "Mullahs" are the bright ones of course - they're the few that can actually memorize the whole Quran, and can recite its pithy parts on demand. But it is the usual bargain, isn't it?

How long I wonder before the State Department is overrun by the masses? Already most West Coast magazines and newspapers, video and radio media are apologists or even advocates for the Muslim's Rights (and vocal reminders of their slight-if-any oppressions).

How long, before the bargain is struck in this Democracy? I believe the answer lies in simply observing 'As Britain Goes'...



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