Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Zucker Film Bruises Sensitive Legacy!

David Zucker has a winner in his new film, "Democrat Daze!" (subtitled Madeleine Does Tyrants!) flagged on YouTUBE and breaking hourly into greater viewings by concerned American everywhere!

Zucker's Zeitgeist! 299K
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This just in! David Zucker has produced an ad for Americans, accurately depicting Democrat efforts at making nice with our world’s thugs and tyrants, and the Republicans see it as too accurate to run on TV!

Quoting DrudgeReport here:

In the ad, Zucker, producer of SCARY MOVIE 4, recreates former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's 2000 visit to North Korea. During the visit, Secretary Albright presented North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il with a basketball autographed by former NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

An actress playing Secretary Albright is shown presenting Kim Jong Il with the Michael Jordan basketball, painting the walls of Osama bin Laden's
Afghanistan cave and turning a blind eye to suicide bombers. In one scene her skirt rips as she changes the tire of a Middle Eastern dictator's limousine.

One GOP strategist said "jaws dropped" when the ad was first viewed. "Nobody could believe Zucker thought any political organization could use this ad. It makes a point, but it's way over the top."

Zucker is the producer and director of comedies such as "Airplane" and "The Naked Gun." In 2004, Zucker, a longtime Democrat, embraced the Republican Party based on concerns he had about national security issues and voted for President George W. Bush.

See it for yourself!



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