Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A-Q in Drag! and "Shame Culture!"

Here are two short, explanatory recordings: one sarcastic but news-based and one reality-based, from the good Dr Sanity, entitled "Shame Culture!"

Shame Culture! 952k
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Al-Qaeda in Drag! 284k
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This just in: KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan and U.S. troops killed one Al Qaeda suspect and detained 13 others Tuesday in southeastern Afghanistan, the American military said.

Soldiers surrounded a residential compound in the Khost province village of Yaqubi early Tuesday to capture a known Al Qaeda facilitator linked to weapons and explosives smuggling in the area, the military said in a statement.

The troops asked people inside the compound to surrender. Most did, but a suspected Al Qaeda member disguised himself as a woman and resisted arrest and was shot dead, the statement said.

It was not immediately clear if the wanted facilitator was the same as the person who was humiliated and killed or among those who were detained.”

We play for you now this exclusive recording of Ahmed Afghani trying to convince Abdul al-Qaedi to give up:

Ahmed: What are you doing, Abdul?

Abdul: I am getting some camouflage… urban camouflage…

Ahmed: But it makes you look weak and stupid, like a woman!

Abdul: You are the weak and stupid one! YOU are surrendering to the Great Satan enemy!

Ahmed: But Abdul, they hold us for 5 days, slap us gently, feed us well and release us to fight again! You-

Abdul: I, ME, I am the masculine here and YOU are the chump!

Ahmed: But YOU are dressed as a WOMAN, choad of the oppressors!

Abdul: Watch me! Hide in the rocks and watch me walk right past the stupid Emrikkans!

Ahmed: No, Abdul, wait-


Never mind… (signoff)


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